Talk Show Host Blows: Montel Williams Goes in on Wendy Williams

Posted On : May 16, 2019

Wendy’s show is so much different than mine, where she does a program that literally has for years now, honestly, belittled and put down people who are going through what she’s going through,’ Montel said about Wendy.

He continued, So it’s that crazy thought that needs to go through your head. Be careful who you point a finger at because you never know when one of them is pointing back,’ he concluded.

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Williams was one of the Medal of Honor recipients at the 34th Annual Ellis Island Medal of Honors last weekend.

If there’s anyone credible that can critique her he would be one of the best people to do so. Montell knows the importance of having professionalism and even empathy with his guests. Williams’ show, The Montel Williams Show, ran in syndication through CBS Paramount Television from 1991 to 2008, with the host winning a Daytime Emmy in 1996 for Best Talk Show Host.

In other words, when you dish it, you better be know how to take it. That’s why a lot of people were not sad for Wendy when they found out about her philandering husband who has allegedly been cheating on her for years and now has even seeded a baby all while married to Wendy. She became her own Hot Topics and even mentioned it on air before.

Do you like the way Wendy handles the people she reports about or are you in agreement with Montel Williams? Sound off in the comments.