Tamar Braxton Explains Exactly Why She Is Not Reaching Out To Wendy Williams During Her Public Struggles

Posted On : April 9, 2019

It’s no secret that talk show host Wendy Williams’ entire life is on display right now and through all of her trials and tribulations many people, including celebrities, are commenting on her daily drama. It’s ironic that Wendy, a person who gladly speaks about the lives of celebrities during her Hot Topics segment, is now experiencing firsthand the kind of drama she critiques on a daily basis.

And although she has many industry friends they’re keeping quiet while watching on the sidelines. Tamar Braxton, who Wendy has admitted to hanging out with in the past, is one of those friends. But her reason for keeping her distance makes sense.

Tamar And Wendy Always Keep It 100!

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Anyone who has ever watched an episode of We TV’s hit show Braxton Family Values knows that Tamar has never been one to bite her tongue. She’s always very vocal about herself, her family and the struggles she’s endured while in the public eye. From divorce, to being fired from The Real Tamar doesn’t do coy or shy. And she and Wendy have had many conversations during The Wendy Williams Show where Tamar has always expressed how she’s feeling. Even as recently as September of last year when Tamar opened up to Wendy about everything.

The two of them seem to have a solid respect for one another, which by Hollywood standards is rare. And with everything going on in Wendy’s life you’d think Tamar would be ready to reach out and offer her support. However, Tamar says that ain’t happening.

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