Tamar Finally Apologizes To Iyanla, “The Real” Co-Hosts & Her New Man Blames Her Abusive Exes

Posted On : June 11, 2019

Why She’s Apologizing To “The Real” Co-Hosts…

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Ever since Tamar left the show in 2016, she’s alluded that her co-hosts had her fired, even blasting them as “phony b*^ches” in public. On the flip side, her co-hosts, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry, Jeannie May, and Adrienne Bailon, have adamantly denied that claim.

It wasn’t until 2018, that Loni Love said the ‘real’ reason Tamar was axed from The Real is because of her now estranged husband and former manager, Vincent Herbert, whom Loni says tried to blame her for getting Tamar fired.

Why Tamar’s Apologizing To Iyanla Vanzant & Family…
In 2018, Iyanla Vanzant reportedly considered suing Tamar for defamation of character, after Tamar repeatedly bashed the life coach in the media, accusing Iyanla of ‘shaming’ her on Fix My Life.

Tamar had previously stormed off the show, during a session with her Mom and sisters, blaming Iyanla for ‘blindsiding’ her by bringing up her past child molestation by a family member.

However, it wasn’t actually Iyanla’s doing, it was instead one of Tamar’s relatives who went to either Iyanla and/or the show’s producers, reportedly wanting Tamar to address the molestation, so she could finally free herself of it. That is apparently the same point Tamar’s man, David, has now encouraged in her life.

Whew! It’s beautiful that she’s moving forward on a more self-aware path now. Best wishes to Tamar Braxton on her new journey.