Tamar Gives Brutally Honest Opinion About Jada’s Surprising Marriage Confession

Posted On : May 15, 2018

We can always count on Tamar Braxton to use her voice for more than just singing and that is, voicing her opinion about any-and-everybody, including power couple, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Tamar has just made another appearance on “The Steve Harvey Show” and when it came time to discuss the shocking revelations that Jada’s recently dropped like hot cakes, regarding her marriage, Tamar had a lot to say.


Jada’s Marriage Revelation That Got Everybody Talking

In case you’ve been unplugged from the internet for the past two weeks, Jada has had the internet on level 100, over her new Facebook Watch web series, “Red Table Talk.” Jada hosts the series with her and Will’s daughter, Willow, and her 64 year old mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

The series is actually intriguing, because the three ladies have the ability to be transparent with the viewers, no matter the consequences.

That same transparency is what Jada and Adrienne displayed during their recent “Access” interview about their Red Table Talk series. Jada confirmed that when she and Will first stated dating, Will was still married to his first wife and mother of his eldest son, Sheree Fletcher. “He was ‘div,’…the ‘orced’ hadn’t happened yet,” Jada confessed. While her moms admitted that because Will was still married at that time, she wasn’t really feelin’ him, nor the fact that her daughter was with him.

Following Jada’s confession about how her 20 year marriage started, everybody and their mommas had opinions about it online. Some applauded Jada for being so real about her marriage, while others bashed her for messing with a married man. That brings us to soon-to-be-divorced, Tamar Braxton…

Tamar’s Not Feelin’ Jada’s Mistress Confession

During her “Steve Harvey Show” appearance, Steve asked Tamar about Jada’s mistress confession and whether or not it was okay to date a ‘separated’ married man. It was evident that the mistress topic hit a lil’ too close to home for newly separated Tamar, who has divorce papers filed and pending at the courthouse as we speak. Here’s what she said about Jada and Will’s situation:

“I disagree with that, that’s still my husband, you tried it. I feel like when someone has filed for divorce and you living in different places, yes, it’s cool to date other people. But not just separated.”

Tamar went on to explain that if a person is just ‘separated,’ she views that as “We’re taking a break,” and that it’s only official once they actually ‘file’ for divorce…until then, pursuing another relationship is a no-go for Tamar.

Steve disagreed with Tamar and pointed out that by the time a person files for divorce, the marriage was probably a don dada a long time ago, before it reached that point. See what else they had to say in the video clips below…



Jada Has Very Emotional Discussion With Will’s Ex-Wife

Although Jada’s confession has caused mixed reactions among many, there were no greater mixed reactions, than the ones both she and Will Smith’s first wife, Sheree, have had to juggle throughout their 20+ year history.

As we reported earlier, Sheree was actually the first guest on “Red Table Talk.” She and Jada revealed the drama, arguments…and ultimately, the love and appreciation they now have for each other. Their grown folks discussion was one of the realest ever. You can check out their tear-filled, brutally honest discussion in the video below…


In the premiere episode of Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith is joined by Will Smith’s ex-wife, Sheree Fletcher for an intimate conversation around their blended family. Make sure to follow Red Table Talk for more updates and episodes!

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