Tamar Goes Ballistic As Reports Surface That Phaedra Parks Will Join “Braxton Family Values” Cast

Posted On : August 25, 2018

By now, most Braxton fans know there’s lots of tension surrounding Braxton Family Values and all of the drama isn’t happenin’ while the cameras are rollin’. There’s drama on so many levels and it looks like things just got a bit worse. According to The Jasmine Brand, there’s a new member of the BFV cast and surprisingly it’s not a member of the family. Fans of the reality show are reeling because the new member of the cast is reportedly former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks. Of course, this production call has been met with all kinds of opposition but Traci Braxton recently explained how it all came about.

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A Chance Encounter?:

During a recent interview, Traci and Phaedra gave the rundown on how the famed attorney landed a spot on Braxton Family Values. “Phaedra and I, you know, we always been in crossing of seeing each other. So when the show was on a little hiatus I continued to work and Phaedra was contacted. She was like, ‘Of course, Traci, I would love to do some adventures with you.’ So we got together and we’ve been having a ball since.”

Check out Traci and Phaedra:

Not Here For It:

As expected, Phaedra joining the show has led to mixed reactions from fans and most aren’t here for it. But there’s one Braxton who has made her stance very clear. Tamar Braxton isn’t cuttin’ corners at all when it comes to Phaedra. In fact, Tamar recently shared a video that captured her response to Phaedra joining the cast. With the psot, she wrote, “When you are not called OR ordained!! _/ have several with a seatbelt ?? #gtfoh #ifuseemeknowigotmycoin?? #pettyREALbraxtons”

In the video Tamar was havin’ drinks with her sisters Towanda and Trini, she discussed the drama. Towanda cited the obvious fact that most fans can’t help but agree with. “She’s not a Braxton.” To Towanda’s statement, Tamar offered a sarcastic response. “Who’s not a Braxton, Towanda? Who? Phaedra Braxton not a Braxton?” Tamar says through an Instagram voice filter on Aug. 22. “C’mon, let’s do a toast. Let’s do a toast to the Braxton wannabes. To Phaedra Braxton … Maybe she’ll be funny and great.”

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Phaedra joins 'Braxton Family Values!'

Oh the shade after Phaedra joins 'Braxton Family Values!' "Who's not a Braxton, Towanda? Who? Phaedra 'Braxton' not a Braxton."

Posted by Atlanta Black Star Entertainment on Thursday, August 23, 2018

It definitely didn’t take long for fans to begin chiming in and most have agreed with Tamar and Towanda. One fan wrote, “We need answers??? Do you all not own the right to your own show @tamarbraxton. The fans are so confused. Love me some Phaedra but how did she become a Braxton?” Another fan wrote, ““Phaedra Parks on the Braxton’s? Sounds thirsty to me that’s not going to work. What she going to be ur brother’s love interest lol”

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Phaedra being added to the show reportedly came out of left field for Tamar and she recently explained her frustration over the executive decision. The singer/reality star and her husband Vince Herbert have always been considered executive producers of the show and Tamar even revealed they helped to finance the show. However, they were not included in the decision making that led to Phaedra being brought on, reports Atlanta Black Star. Although Tamar has since walked away from the show, she still isn’t pleased with the direction the show is going. The upcoming seasons hould be quite interesting to see. It’ll likely determine whether or not Braxton Family Values sinks or stays afloat.