Tamar & Tank Throw Treacherous Shade & Allegations At Each Other In Heated Argument

Posted On : July 7, 2018

Lawd!! Tamar Braxton was heated and she took to Instagram to vent, after she learned that her band was a no-show for her gig in Philly. Without hesitation, Tamar fired them as she has no time for people that are unprofessional. Rumor has it that Tamar’s former band went to the Essence Festival to perform with Tank. Instead of taking the high road, Tank hopped on social media to taunt Tamar, by telling her that her former band mates are his band now and he’s “not letting them go.” Then, the pettiness began.

Tamar Drags Tank For Filth As He Taunted Her About Her Band Ditching Her To Perform With Him:

Tamar Braxton let it be known that the show will go on with or without a band. The r&b singer allegedly fired her entire band after they failed to show up for a show in Philadelphia. She posted about the incident on her Instagram story:

Remaining the consummate professional, Tamar then posted a video of herself singing her heart out, with no band in sight. The original caption read “Well my band is fired (tag the bestest).. CAUSE….my tour got picked up today officially ? #bboh.”


After Tamar let her fans know why they didn’t get the full Tamar experience, R&B crooner, Tank, jumped in and began to taunt Tamar about her former band. In a video posted to his Instagram page, Tank informed Tamar that her former band now worked for him as they performed at the Essence Fest. According to Tank, he personally knows the musicians that once worked with Tamar and he alleges that they would never intentionally miss a gig. He claims that they are “good guys” Tank felt the need to defend their honor, because he felt like Tamar attacked them.

Here’s What Tank Said To Tamar:

 “i have the band and i’m not letting them go!… On some real sh*t though sis don’t attack these kids on social media. @Von_cocapt@jboohill@aj4rmduval@zamarworld are good guys and they’d never intentionally miss a gig period. If someone in your camp is telling you something different, which i know they are, it’s a lie. I’m not here to attack you on social media either just here to protect my guy’s professionalism and credibility on social media since they were attacked here..‍♂️ #RnBMoney#TheGeneral

Tamar responded to Tank’s statements because she, too, agreed that the fellas were cool. However, the “Braxton Family Values” star maintained that their behavior was unprofessional. Tamar stated that she didn’t post the comment about her former band’s actions to attack them, but she wanted her fans to know what happened. In closing, Tamar criticized Tank for interfering and informed him that his actions reflected what a woman would do in a scenario, such as that one. Calling Tank “Sweet Tank,” Tamar called him out for once publicly admitting that he enjoys ‘getting his salad tossed’ by females during sex. Tank then responded that Tamar wouldn’t win the argument, claiming to have receipts about Tamar and her husband, Vince Herbert. “The New Edition Story” actor even referred to Tay’ as “nasty” and insinuated that she was not married to Vince.

After Tank’s shady comments, Tamar let him have it, by calling him out for allegedly having a “tour girlfriend.” This doesn’t look good because Tank is days away from marrying his longtime girlfriend, Zena Foster. Tamar also implied that Tank was possibly gay when she stated that only a “true Queen” would call another woman “nasty.”

Thoughts ILOSM fam?’ Did Tank do the right thing, by defending the band…or should he have minded his business?


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