Tamar’s Hubby Responds After Mama Braxton Threatens Him For Fears He Will “Kill My Child”

Posted On : November 4, 2017

Well family, we knew it was only a matter of time before Tamar Braxton’s estranged husband, Vince Herbert, stepped up to try to clear his name after The Braxtons’ mama Evelyn, slammed the hell outta him Friday. First and foremost, he wants the world to know that he ain’t a ‘killer,’ which is Mama Evelyn’s greatest fear.

(Video) Recap Of Why Mama Braxton Is Pissed

In case you’re wondering why the mother and son-in-law throwing the word ‘killer’ around, it’s because that’s what Evelyn went off about on camera, out of fears she has for her daughter being married to Vince. In case y’all missed the serious warning Mama Evelyn sent to Vince on Friday (11-3-17), here it is:

When paparazzi caught up with Evelyn Braxton at LAX airport, she had a LOT to say about the drama surrounding Tamar and Vince’s rocky marriage and pending divorce. She was asked her thoughts on their current situation and immediately, she jumped to the alleged domestic violence fights Tamar and Vince have attempted to ignore in the media. As we’ve previously reported, there was an altercation some months ago, in which cops were called to Vince’s and Tamar’s hotel room after he allegedly hit Tamar and bit her finger, drawing blood. There have also been several other rumors and whispers about alleged violence between them in the past.

Well now, Mama Braxton has pretty much confirmed that there is some sort of truth to those domestic violence reports. Watch the TMZ video below and bare witness to the fury and wrath of a mother whose child is in ‘harm’s way’:

Evelyn Braxton: “I don’t really have anything to say to Vince, only one thing: Keep his HANDS off of my child!”

She had a lot more to say in the video. Check it out here…

Vince Is Shocked By Mama Evelyn’s Accusations

Via TMZ: Vincent Herbert, is stunned by his mother-in-law’s strong insinuation he’s an abusive man capable of killing her daughter … and he totally denies it.

A source close to Vincent tells TMZ … he has no idea why Evelyn Braxton told us she’s fearful his impending divorce from Tamar could get deadly because he’s no abuser — he loves Tamar and would never hurt her.
We’re told Vincent’s upset over Evelyn’s comments because he feels this type of story could negatively affect their 4-year-old son when he’s older. Our source says Vince doesn’t want beef with Evelyn … he says he’s going to pray for her.

Vince apparently isn’t letting Mama Eveylyn deter him from fighting to win back Tamar:

Our source says Herbert still plans to fight to win Tamar back and reconcile their marriage despite what her family wants … and be a good dad in the process.

I now one thing, if Vince is ever able to convince Tamar to change her mind, he’s gonna have to go through Mama Evelyn first, because she has clearly had it up to HERE with her son-in-law. Mama will protect her babies at all cost, y’all already know. So good luck with that Vince. Most importantly, best wishes to Tamar’s and Vince’s 4 year old son, Logan. Hopefully, whatever is in Logan’s best interest, is what ultimately ends up happening with Tamar and Vince’s relationship.