Taraji & Mary J. Crush Terence Howard In Lip Sync Battle, Too FUNNY!

Posted On : August 6, 2015

fb taraji and mary jActress, Taraji P. Henson, is the type of woman who seems to live by the motto- ‘Go hard, or go home.’ That’s exactly what she did on a recent taping of she and her Empire co-star, Terence Howard’s lip-synching battle on Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle.
terence howard

Taraji and Mary J. Bige have been good friends for years and there isn’t a more perfect person to emulate Mary J.’s swagger than Ms. Henson- she has that classic round-the-way-girl type of aura, just like Mary J..
mary j and tarajiAll Taraji had to do was get Mary’s swag and two step down and she was in the house! Taraji lip-synced Mary J.’s song, “I’m Fine,” while Terence and the show’s host, rapper/actor L.L. Cool J. was on the side checking out the performance. Little did they know, Taraji had a trick up her sleeve and brought her homegirl out to perform with her…then there were two Mary J.’s on stage. Terence flipped out and Taraji stole the show. Check it out below…

terence as rick jamesOur man, Terence Howard, held it down for the fellas. He’s not one to go down without a fight, so he brought his inner “Lucious Lyons” out to shut “Cookie” down once and for all, with his lip-synching of the Commodores’ song, “Brick House” while dressed as Rick James…I know, it’s weird, but it looks like it worked for Terence though. Watch it out below…

Speaking of Mary J. Blige, we’re looking forward to seeing how she does in her new role in the Broadway adaptation of The Wiz, alongside Stephanie Mills and Queen Latifah.