Tatyana Ali’s Breastfeeding Photo Causes Mass Hysteria Among Social Media Users

Posted On : September 13, 2018

Tatyana Ali and husband, Vaughn Rasberry

Actress, Tatyana Ali, has been re-gaining some steam in her career and personal life lately. She received props for her most recent role in the BET biopic The Bobby Brown Story. The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star played the mother of “Jimmy,” Bobby Brown’s best friend, who was tragically murdered during a street fight when they were kids. Little did we know, Tatyana also received props and bashing for a personal reason that had nothing to do with acting.

Tatyana’s Breastfeeding Pic Sends Social Media Into Frenzy

In case y’all haven’t heard, Tatyana and her husband, Vaughn Rasberry, welcomed their son, Edward Aszard Rasberry, into this world nearly two years ago on September 16, 2016. What they probably never expected is that two years later, he’d be a part of the controversy surrounding the beauty of motherhood. You see, a few weeks ago, Tatyana posted a photo of herself breastfeeding little Edward (who was 1 year and 11 mos. old at the time) and stirred up a ruckus on her Instagram timeline.

Tatyana Ali breastfeeding son, Edward, on Instagram (via @tatyanaali Instagram)

In her photo caption, she made her purpose for posting the pic very clear- to “normalize breastfeeding.” Peep what she wrote below…

@tatyanaali: “The more we see ourselves in each other, the more courage it builds in us to trust our hearts and our bodies. Be kind to yourself. #blackbreastfeedingweek #breastfeedingweek #breastfeedingweek2018 #normalizebreastfeeding”

Fans Spark Debate

Though the moment was supposed to be a sweet representation of the natural power of a mother-child bond, a debate was instantly sparked among Tatyana’s fans.

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My child loooooooves the ocean. #joy

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Some of them slammed the hell outta her for posting her breast with her baby on social media…

aikisha****: Ok but we can still cover agree it’s a TITTIE!!!!!! so why not cover it and the baby up? …it’s a beautiful thing to breast feed but it’s also important to [shield] your breast from perverts…they are Still titties!!!!

cassms****: If women think this is appropriate in public then boys with their pants hanging below their butts is appropriate too then. Because exposing your body parts because you think it’s okay to do is not. A mom who breast feeds should be a mother but only in private places.

lorie_murc****: @ebonyey**** I totally agree with you. This generation is so tasteless it’s sad. They are so common.. they have no dignity about themselves as far as being a lady. Babies have been breastfed since the beginning of time so [their] not doing anything extraordinary! They just making a spectacle of themselves no taste at all… SMH

ebonyeye****: @lorie_murch**** exactly somethings are meant to be private but that’s just my opinion?

While others stood up for Tatyana and applauded her for normalizing breastfeeding:

ify****: @itznice2bsli**** people take pics of it because believe it or not, it’s not a common practice… Especially in the Black community. The whole point is to encourage women, black women, to breastfeed and to normalize it so more people feel comfortable doing it. That’s what breasts are for. Breastfeeding passes antibodies to your baby and gives them disease protection since they don’t even have an immune system in infancy. That’s the importance of women, especially black women, seeing this.

ify****: @aikisha**** do you cover your head or face when you eat? How do you think a baby feels?

sparklingpe****: Love you and I love this picture and the message it sends ❤❤

elanacjoh****: Thanks for helping #normalizebreastfeeding this photo is beautiful and the more everyone sees breastfeeding for what it is, normal, the less people will get so uppity about it.

The debate about public breastfeeding has been a long one that is pretty much divided down the middle. Not sure if there will ever be a common ground reached on this controversial topic. Nonetheless, we’re just happy Tatyana and her husband have a healthy bundle of joy.

ILOSM fam,’ what’chall think about this- should breastfeeding be more normalized in today’s society, or nah?