Teddy P. Had 3 Kids Under Unconventional Circumstances & Here’s What They’re Doing Now

Posted On : October 10, 2018

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The legendary Teddy Pendergrass was known for his epic baby-making music, but the late soul icon also had three (possibly four…one is questionable) babies of his own that many never knew about. Back in the day, Teddy was the flashy, fur coat rockin,’ gold chain sportin’ ladies man, who women flocked to concerts for just to throw their panties at him. Behind the scenes, he was a daddy to his kids and a lover to his women. So much so, that the brotha proved to be a pretty busy individual in the mid 70s, by managing to have three of his four kids, by only 2 women, within less than two years. How is that possible, you ask? Well, Teddy P. explained it in a past interview with Jet Magazine:

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Teddy Pendergrass with his children, (clockwise) Teddy II, Tishia, and LaDonna [Instagram]

“I wasn’t bouncing between. My son’s mother and I were dating….we broke up and I met my daughter’s mother and she had a child. Two weeks after the child was born, she conceived again and I didn’t know it and we had broken up. I went back to my son’s mother and two months later she conceived. All my children are blessings- not mistakes. And you can bet that they love each other.”

Teddy also attempted to train his kids not to do as he did, but as he said:

“I also let them know that they were born out of wedlock,” Teddy stated when his children were younger kids. He continued, “it doesn’t make it wrong, but that they shouldn’t do the same thing when they grow up. But if it happens, it happens.”

What Teddy’s Kids Are Doing Now

It’s been said that Teddy had a fourth child named, Tamon (not pictured), but little is known about him and as far as we know, none of the other Pendergrass kids have mentioned him in public interviews and whatnot. So, not quite sure what’s up with him, or his whereabouts. Moving on…

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Teddy’s daughters: Tisha (L) and LaDonna (R) [Facebook]
Tishia Burnett, 43, (pictured above on the left) is a real estate agent and married.

LaDonna Hollerway, 44, (pictured above right) works as a hospital technician.

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Teddy Pendergrass with his son, Teddy II and grandbaby [Instagram]

Teddy P. II (pictured above), 43, is the sibling who was born in the same year as his sis,’ Tishia and only months after his big sis, LaDonna. His last known career was as a financial advisor and CEO of Pendergrass Financial Group.

Another fun fact about Teddy II, is that he was also the driving force behind he and his siblings legal battle with Teddy’s P.’s wife.

Their Legal Drama With Teddy’s Widow

In case you missed our prior report about the unfortunate battle between Teddy’s kids and his widow, here’s a quick breakdown of it:
Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.59.41 PMEver since Teddy P. passed away in 2010, his children have been in an ongoing battle with his wife, Joan, over their Dad’s estate. Teddy met Joan in 2006 and married her in 2008. As of 2015, LaDonna filed additional court docs to challenge the authenticity of the will Joan Pendergrass submitted to the courts on behalf of Teddy P.

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“She was married to my dad for only a year, and she has turned my family upside down. All we want is what’s right,” said LaDonna.

“We [Joan and Teddy’s children] simply don’t see eye-to-eye. What I do know is my father did what he intended to do – and that is, put me in charge for the family,” stated Teddy P. Jr. -via VictoriaAdvocate.com

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Based on Teddy’s close bond with his children, it’s understandable why they question a will that only leaves a wife of 2 years as the sole beneficiary of his estate and all future earnings.

However, as of 2018, a judge ruled that the will Teddy II presented to the courts was forged and that Joan’s will was the accurate one, leaving the music icon’s children with pretty much nothing.

As a result of the 6 year-long, nearly $850,000 court battle, Joan sued the Pendergrass kids in February 2018. According to reports, Joan’s lawsuit states, “The illusion and fantasy created by Theodore, Jr. and propagated by his lawyers forced Mrs. Pendergrass to undergo years of turmoil and anguish as her relationship with her late husband was unmercifully scrutinized.”