Teena Marie’s Daughter Celebrated Mom’s B-Day & Shares Epic Pic Of Son Teena Never Got To Meet

Posted On : April 2, 2019

“My Mother Told Me She Was Going Today When I Was 14 Years Old”- Alia Rose

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Teena passed away on December 26, 2010- just one day after Alia’s 18th birthday. In a prior interview, Alia Rose stunned everyone when she revealed the epiphany that Teena had a few years before her passing:

Via Two Black Girls And A Mic:
“My mom was very spiritual and she was very connected with God. She told me that God told her she wouldn’t be here too much longer. It started when I was about 14 and I thought she was crazy and she started going through menopause around that time so I thought that that was that you know. It was very difficult and…I got upset, you don’t want to hear something like that from someone that you love and care about. So I got upset and started acting crazy as well.”

Alia Rose continued:

“You know I think that when you grow up in the music industry you tend to grow up a little bit faster than a lot of kids and I did my thing…I was a wild child and that was around the time that I did that because I was angry at her for sharing something like that with me…and it actually ended up coming true and when it did come true, I knew that I had to end up pulling it together and either continue to live this life that wasn’t working for me, or I could step up to the plate and be a woman and I could make my Mom proud of me.”

We applaud Alia Rose for her willingness to share her pain with the world. May her mother, Teena Marie, continue to rest peacefully…gone, but never forgotten.