With Terminal Cancer, Famed Lawyer For R. Kelly’s 1st Trial Admits: R. Kelly Was ‘Guilty As Hell’

Posted On : March 7, 2019
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Living With Terminal Cancer, Famed Lawyer For R. Kelly’s 1st Trial Admits, R. Kelly Was ‘Guilty As Hell’

You cannot make this stuff up. Just when you thought you’ve heard everything regarding R. Kelly, the alleged crimes he’s committed, his live-in girlfriends, the parents who are accusing R. Kelly of brainwashing…oh boy, it seems to never end.

Well he’s another whopper that we just learned about from @NeilSteinberg with the Chicago SunTimes. He dropped this very candid conversation with famed attorney, Ed Genson, who represented R. Kelly in the past. It was 2008, Kelly was acquitted of child pornography charges which that defense team was headed by Ed Genson.

Setting The Record Straight

Ed Genson is noted as a notorious Chicago criminal defense attorney. Genson is also very ill, and has terminal cancer. And as the author of this piece Steinberg said, “Perhaps this is a good moment to set the record straight.”

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