Terrence Howard’s Finances Continue To Decline While His Ex-Wife Waits For Her Checks

Posted On : June 5, 2019

Now that we know next season is Empire‘s last the cast is probably busy looking for work. Unfortunately Terrence Howard has more pressing issues to deal with because he has an upcoming battle with the IRS. In addition to that, he still owes his ex-wife Michelle alimony. But Terence is using creative thinking to find a way to stall the payments he owes her.

Terrence Is In Trouble Again

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Earlier today The Blast reported that Terrence is currently being investigated by the federal government for tax evasion. Terrence, his fiancee’ Mira Howard (who’s his third ex-wife by the way) and Mira’s company Universal Bridges Inc. have been under investigation since May 20. The feds are interested in possible financial crimes committed by all three parties and have already spoken with Terrence on numerous occasions. This investigation comes mere months after Terrence was hit with a tax lien of  $143,538.61, which stems from back taxes he’s owed since 2010. And as if this wasn’t enough of a headache his ex-wife Michelle has been trying to get Terrence to pay her money he’s owed since their divorce settlement in 2013.

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