Terry Crews Blasts Russell Simmons, Claims He Said Give A ‘Pass’ To His Sexual Assaulter

Posted On : November 20, 2017
(L) Adam Venit, (R) Terry Crews

Things aren’t goin’ too good for Russell Simmons these days. Over the weekend, he made headlines when he adamantly denied coercing a then 17-year-old model into having sex without consent at his NY apartment (where the legal age of consent is 17) 26 years ago. In case y’all missed that, the model stayed at Russell’s NY apartment for two days, hung out with him, as well as willingly gave him oral sex, but said she didn’t want to have vaginal sex with him, but that he allegedly did so anyway. Russell says she’s lying, the sex was completely consensual and that he’s “shocked” by her claims decades later. Although some believe that the model’s claims against Russell sound pretty suspect, the new claim by actor, Terry Crews, is different…

Now, according to Terry Crew, that model wasn’t the only one Russell tried to ‘coerce’…except it was for a situation that does not involve Russell. New York Daily News reported that Terry Crews recently blasted Russell Simmons for trying to talk him out of coming down on WME talent agent, Adam Venit, for sexually assaulting him at a party and all the drama started on Twitter.

Terry Crews’ Jaw-Dropping Tweet:

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For those who missed all the action on Twitter, Terry Crews turned quite a few heads on Saturday when he shared a photo of a screenshotted message he received from Russell Simmons. Apparently, Simmons thinks Crews should give Venit a pass for groping him. Simmons even suggested that Crews ask for Venit to be reinstated at his job.

“Did he ever apologize? Give the agent a pass. Ask that he be reinstated,” Simmons said in an email to Crews after he publicly revealed that Adam Venit groped him at a party back in February of 2016. “With great love, all things possible.”

But Terry Crews isn’t havin’ it and he’s obviously not backin’ down. With the blasting photo, Crews made it clear that “no one gets a pass.”

Standing His Ground:

The latest bombshell follows Crews’ interview on Good Morning America, when he appeared on the show, he shared his reaction to the incident. He admitted it was one of the most humiliating moments in his life. “I’ve never felt more emasculated, more objectified,” he said. “I was horrified. But now, he’s standing his ground and seeking justice. “I will not be shamed. I did nothing wrong. It was foul to the core, and it still shocks me.”

Terry Crews’ appearance on ‘Good Morning America.’

It might be a good idea for Russell Simmons to steer clear of these particular situations, given the allegations he’s currently facing. Suggesting an alleged victim give a pass to their sexual abuser isn’t a good look for someone who adamantly denies being involved in any type of sexual assault. It actually makes it look like Simmons downplays sexual assault. With all the sex scandals going on in Hollywood, Simmons should probably just keep quiet when it comes to other folks’ scandals and just spend time tending to his own.