Terry Crews, Talks Sexual Addiction That Almost Cost Him His Marriage

Posted On : February 24, 2016

fb terry crews and wife
Terry Crews is best known for his numerous comedic roles in films like Friday After Next and The Expendables series, as well as TV shows, such as Everybody Hates Chris and the hilarious Old Spice commercials, but what he is not known for is the secret he’s been hiding from the public about his private life. Terry took to his Facebook page the other day to reveal that he had a very severe addiction to pornogrphy and that it was so bad that it landed him in rehab. He also revealed that his wife, Rebecca King, was about to leave him because of it, as well as because he says he was watching porn movies nonstop from morning until night. Here is a snippet of what he said in his video and you can watch the entire video below:

“My wife was like, ‘I don’t know you anymore. I’m out of here.’ And that changed me,” Crews said, “because I realized this thing is a major, major problem.” Crews confesses to having developed a dependency so intense, that he’d watch pornography until day turned into night, a habit that culminated in his stint at a rehabilitation facility. Crews said, “My wife was like, ‘I’m out.’ And you know what? I did not get help so I could get my wife back. I just wanna tell you that. I got help because I needed it.”

Watch Terry’s full video post below:

We give Terry Crews much respect for revealing such a personal issue to the world. We’re all grown folks on here, so most of us understand pornography is a form of entertainment that satisfies a desire in millions of people across America, but just like with any other leisure activity, there is always an addiction that can be developed and that’s when the pleasure can transform into a sickness. Terry Crews, like so many others, developed that addiction and wisely chose to get help before it was too late and we applaud the brotha for doing so.

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