That Time Janet’s Photo Of Sister Rebbie Sparked Odd Mass Confusion Among Millennials

Posted On : April 21, 2021
Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson and her big sister, Rebbie, had youngins confused and proud old schoolers frustrated at the same damn time. A couple years ago they shared a photo of themselves together backstage at the Billboard Music Awards, which had everybody talking.

You see, we Old Schoolers can name all nine of the Jackson family siblings without even flinching. But when it comes to these new-aged millennials, it’s a whole ‘notha story. That became even more evident after Janet (54) and Rebbie (70) shared photos of themselves together.

Youngins Confused About Rebbie Jackson

At the time of their photo, Janet and Rebbie were ages 52 and 68 respectively. When Janet and Rebbie’s beautiful age-defying photo was re-shared by The ShadeRoom, millennials began to wonder who in the world Rebbie was! *sighs* Bless their hearts. 🙄

Now, granted, Rebbie Jackson’s last hit was “Centipede,” in the mid-1980’s, so the youngins were not even born at that time. However, not only is Rebbie the sibling of the largest entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson, she’s also a popular member of the most legendary family in the history of music.

Check out their picture…and the mass confusion

Rebbie Jackson and Janet Jackson, the photo that confused millennials

Given the Jackson family’s iconic history, one would think the millennial generation would at least know Janet has a sister named Rebbie. But many of them did not have a clue Rebbie existed, and proceeded to express their confusion about the above photo online, as the older generations tried to simultaneously enlighten them about Rebbie:

_jus***: Every time I turn around it’s a Jackson I never heard of lol

m.mim***: you must be young. She’s not a new sibling she just keeps away from the spot light

bohemian*****: That’s probably Janet’s mama lol!…black don’t crack.

bbutterscotc*****: Thought that was her mom

thirstfo*****: What I thought it was only one sister and it’s Janet … wtd

mybossl****: how old are you lol

krystels****: y’all ain’t never heard Rebbies song “Centipede”

iaintnobodie****: cause they just toke the pamper off you not to long Ago.

hevelvetrop*****: Don’t EVER say you’re a fan of MJ if you don’t even know who his oldest sister is. Man y’all are a sad case. 🚮

fwhyte****: Wait…. they have another sister 😳

grindtimesl*****: were u born in the 90s? Your generation is so far removed it’s crazy!

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Mass Confusion For the Youngins’

As y’all can see, Janet and Rebbie caused mass confusion for the youngins and it was interesting to witness. Their confusion was equally as comical, as it is a dose of reality– that ‘today’s generation’ lacks a great deal of knowledge about the days of real, soulful R&B music.

Some millennials may believe that R&B started with Chris Brown and hip hop began with Lil Wayne in the early 2000s. Can’t really place blame on them though, they’re just the result of the re-programming that major mainstream music outlets have inflicted on young people for quite some time, by dumbing down the music they push to the masses. A sad reality indeed. Anywho, the good news is that Janet and Rebbie are still out here lookin’ GOOD at 54 and 70, and are just as vibrant as ever!


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Janet’s splits game is on point…as seen in her recent Instagram photo up top. And below, is a recent photo of Rebbie out here lookin’ like a snack…

Rebbie Jackson, age 70