That’s So Dirty! Ray Charles’ Mistress Tells What She Stole From Him

Posted On : January 14, 2015

After the movie “Ray” came out, it’s no more a secret the late great Ray Charles loved himself some women. One of his alleged longtime mistresses wrote a tell-all book and revealed that she did Mr. Charles dirty. This book has some people hot! Who knows what her motivation was/is. But like all writers, they want to gain a profit.  Find out what she did and why…

See What She Took From Ray...


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Our take on this…we assume she did it for the money. There was nothing to gain from this but to tell her story, but there’s so much “shock” within the book, that it seems the approach was to create shock value. I remember something Oprah Winfrey said many years ago on her talk show, if you can look at a situation and deal with the worst thing that can happen and still be ok with it, then let that determine whether you’re going to do it or not. If Ray were here to look at it that way, we can only wonder what his response would be.