Amount Of Money Philadephia Settled For With 2 Black Starbucks Men Is A Slap In MLK’s Face

Posted On : May 2, 2018

ILOSM fam,’ I wish this was April Fool’s Day, because at least then I’d be able to say that Philadelphia’s police department is playing a really evil joke on humanity and all civil rights leader who has ever existed. Unfortunately, it ain’t April Fool’s and this is a reported reality. By now, we’ve all heard about Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson – the two Black men who were unjustly arrested by SIX Philly police officers, after a Starbucks manager racially profiled them. Well, they’ve have just reached a settlement with the city of Philly and when you see the details behind the settlement, you’ll probably wanna slap somebody. However, we don’t condone such violence, it won’t change the reality. Anyways, scroll down and prepare to be amazed…outraged…or maybe a lil’ bit of both…

Philadelphia Police Dept. Paid HOW MUCH In Settlement?!!

Reports have just surfaced that the city of Philadelphia, PA has settled with Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson for a whopping $1 each. Yep, you read that right, that was ONE DOLLAR FOR EACH OF THE 2 BLACK MEN that Philly police officers degraded and disgraced for all the world to see. Here are the rest of the details via TMZ:

The 2 black men whose arrest at a Philadelphia Starbucks sparked an uproar have settled with the City … for a symbolic $1 each and a promise from city officials they’ll set up a $200k program benefiting young entrepreneurs.

It’s also being reported that Starbucks has settled with the two brothas as well:

Via TMZ: Starbucks just announced it has also reached a financial settlement with the 2 men. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Hopefully, Starbucks treated Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson with far more respect than Philly did with their $1 settlement.

This news doesn’t surprise me though, ESPECIALLY, after seeing how the African American police chief was so quick to defend the actions of his six arresting officers, in a lengthy ‘Uncle Tom-ish’ video message on Facebook…

Commissioner Richard Ross gives a statement on the incident that occurred 4-12-18 at the Starbucks at 18th and Spruce Streets

Posted by Philadelphia Police Department on Saturday, April 14, 2018

It was only after Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, began to immediately apologize publicly to Nelson and Robinson, that the Philly police chief retracted his words and his day-late/dollar-short public apology for his prior remarks as well…

A Slap In The Face To Martin Luther King, Jr.

Philly’s promise to donate $200K toward benefitting young entrepreneurs -which is what both Nelson and Robinson are- is fine and dandy. However, the city’s $1 settlement to the men is such a slap in the face of civil rights icons, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..

The brave “I Have A Dream” leader was arrested 29 times throughout his civil rights fight to simply be treated as an equal human being in America. That day has yet to come, as we can clearly see by the degrading acts of those 6 Philly police officers and Caucasian Starbucks manager, just to name a few. So in my humble opinion, the Philly police department got off easy, given the enormous amount of degradation they put those men through. I think they should have still paid those men more than one dollar, in ADDITION to the $200K their donating to “programs.”

What Starbucks Is Doing To Right Their Wrongs

Following the racist fiasco that took place at their Philadelphia location, Starbucks has taken swift actions to attempt to right their wrongs. CEO, Kevin Johnson, not only publicly apologized to Nelson and Robinson, but he met with them privately to do so and also get suggestions from them on what they feel needs to be done to ‘racially un-bias’ their establishments.

After their meeting, it was announced that Starbucks will be closing 8000 of their locations on May 29, 2018, to put employees through extensive ‘racial bias training.’

It’s only been a few weeks since those two Black men were arrested for simply sitting in a Philly Starbucks, waiting for their friend -the exact same thing millions of their White counterparts have done on the regular. Only time will tell if Starbucks has really stepped up their game when it comes to appropriately racially un-biasing their employees, but their efforts thus far are noteworthy.