The ‘Bum’ Who Fell In “Coming To America” Has A Famous Nephew Worth $200 Million

Posted On : January 25, 2021
“Coming to America” scene; actor who played the bum is pictured far right

Remember the bum who fell down the stairs in the movie, Coming To America? He was the one who the landlord was screaming at saying “Your rent due mothaf%*ka…you conscious!” That scene probably had all of us rolling and although his camera time was about 40 seconds, it still became a memorable part of the movie.

It turns out that the “bum” actor has a famous nephew who is said to be worth approximately $200 million now. So it’s safe to assume that the “bum” was actually no bum in real life, but was instead probably well taken care of because he and his nephew were always extremely close. Take a good look at the “bum” and see if you can figure out who his nephew is before turning the page.

His Nephew Is Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy (pictured far right) with his brother, Charlie Murphy; his uncle Ray Murphy; and boxing champ, Mike Tyson

The actor who played the “bum” in Coming to America is Ray Murphy and his nephew is none other than “the Prince of Zamunda,” Eddie Murphy! Did you get this one right ILOSM fam?’

“Harlem Nights” Is Based On The Life Of Eddie’s Uncle Ray

Here’s what Ray Murphy said about how the Harlem Nights movie came about: (via Crazy Al Cayne TV)

“I owned a bar in Brooklyn called Sugar Ray’s and I used to tell Eddie the stories about when I ran with the mafia that Donnie Brascoe and all of that. In three weeks, Eddie wrote that movie Harlem Nights. That movie was like real, what really happened back in those days. I’m proud to say that my nephew has immortalized me between the movies and all the people I’ve met in Hollywood. I think it’s the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to somebody who comes from the projects.”

Ray Murphy’s Interview

Details In Ray Murphy’s Passing

Uncle Ray passed away in 2013 and he was a very talented comedian who was still performing late in life. So it looks like Eddie and his beloved late brother, Charlie Murphy, were basically bred to be comedic stars. That’s evident when we see the history of their Uncle Ray, because Ray’s entertainment history dates back to the 1940’s. According to Uncle Ray’s obituary, his mother had an epiphany when he and his siblings were very young that someone in the fam’ would be stars:

‘Almost immediately, her children Henry Roosevelt, William Leroy, James Earl, Virginia Mae, Raymond “Ray” Leon and Charles Edward began applying their varied talents – singing, tap dancing and comedy. In anticipation of becoming that superstar, Ray teamed up with his brother Leroy, and formed “The Comedy of Roy and Ray.” Challenges preceded them. Blacks were systematically barred from performing without a partner and minstrel shows represented the only performing opportunities of any kind. However, taking on the racial inequalities on the comedy circuit, Ray remained optimistic about his future in entertainment and formed the Doo Wop group “The Akrons.”’

Fast forward to the 80’s and it was Eddie who became the world-famous star of the fam,’ but he opened up the doors for several of his other family members to walk through, Uncle Ray included. Ray became the head of Eddie’s security at one point. Then he began to open up for Eddie’s and Charlie’s comedy shows and the rest is history. He would go one to perform off and on after that.

And there you have it family, like we always say, we learn something new around here everyday! Check out Uncle Ray’s comedy reel below. Beware: Uncle Ray cusses up a storm, just like his nephews.