The Fat Boys’ Buffy Has A Grown Son With A Controversial Rapper…Their Grandbaby’s Adorable

Posted On : February 14, 2021
The Fat Boys: (L- R) Mark “Prince Markie Dee” Morales, Darren “Buffy” Robinson, and Damon “Kool Rock-Ski” Wimbley

ILOSM fam,’ we have a pretty surprising Old School fun fact to share about the late human beat-boxing member of The Fat Boys, rapper Darren “Buffy” Robinson. First off, make some noise if you’re Old School enough to remember when the Fat Boys were straight up killin’ the rap game in the ’80s! For a while, they dominated the music charts with songs like “Wipe Out,” “Fat Boys,” “All You Can Eat,” “The Twist,” and more.

Details On Buffy’s Passing

Throwback photo of Darren “Buffy” Robinson with son, Quinton

Along their journey of success, they even made their mark in films like Disorderlies and Krush Groove. Sadly, after their success started to fade in the 90’s, Buffy had a slew of health problems and ultimately passed away from them at the young age of 28 in 1995. Although his weight was his claim to fame as part of the Fat Boys, it was also sadly his demise after he suffered from lymphedema and succumbed to a heart attack, weighing 450 pounds at the time.

Before he’d passed away, he was fortunate enough to have produced a son, Quinton Robinson, with whom he got to spend five of his son’s first years of life with. The thing that makes his son special is that not only is he the son of a hip hop legend father, his Moms is also a hip hop legend in her own right.

Darren “Buffy” Robinson & Queen Pen

Rappers, Queen Pen and Buffy (of The Fat Boys), have a son together.

The mother of Buffy’s son is none other than 90’s rapper, Queen Pen. Remember her? She is the protegee’ of Guy/Blackstreet co-creator, Teddy Riley, and was featured on Blackstreet’s classic, “No Diggity.” By the way, nope, this is not a typo and yes, you are reading this correctly: Queen Pen and Buffy had a thing going on back in the day and as a result, they now have a grown son who is following in their musical footsteps! Who woulda thunk it, right?

The Controversy

Although their relationship was kinda kept on the low, there was still some controversy circulating through the music industry among those who were aware of the details surrounding Queen Pen’s and Buffy’s relationship.

You see, Queen had her first baby (and Buffy’s only child), Quinton, when she was still a minor and he was an adult. Although several media outlets have reported that she was only 15 years old when she had their son Quinton in 1990, Quinton contacted I Love Old School Music directly, to inform us that is incorrect.  Queen Pen was reportedly 17 years old when she had her son and the father, Buffy, was 20 at the time. Obviously their teenage/grown-up romance still caused folks to talk and created some controversy at that time.

Queen Pen Revealed Struggles After Buffy’s Death

According to Black Celebrity Kids, Queen Pen has five children and has had her fair share of ups and downs, while trying to support them. Pen’s website also states that prior to Teddy Riley helping her out musically, “she tried hard to overcome life’s obstacles until her efforts were defeated. Falling off track and getting caught up in the streets.” Thankfully, Queen Pen eventually pulled herself up though. Like my Momma would say, ‘Look at Gawd!’

Their Son Is A Rapper

Queen Pen with the son, Quinton “Q NHannaz” Robinson, whom she shares with the late Darren “Buffy” Robinson

Today, Queen’s and Buffy’s son is doing his thing in music as well. He’s a rapper who goes by the name, Q NHannaz. He’s now 31 years old and often pays homage to his legendary parents on social media.

Meet The Grandbaby!!

In July 2020, Quinton “Q NHannaz” Robinson welcomed his young king into the world, whom he proudly boasts about in various online posts.

Buffy’s and Queen Pen’s son and grandson [via Q NHannaz’s Instagram page]
A beautiful fam’ indeed. Buffy would be so proud of the man and father their son has become.