This Actor’s Dad Is A Famous Actor Too & He Reveals Why Warner Bros. Producers Had Him Arrested

Posted On : April 25, 2018

Many of you might remember this actor from the 1995 film, “Panthers,” where he played the late Black Panther founder, Huey P. Newton. He also starred in “The Matrix” movie (the first installment) and in “Roots” back in the day, as well as in several other roles. We knew Warner Bros. actually had him arrested after the film was released (we’ll get to that in a minute), but what we didn’t know was that his dad is a VERY popular Old School actor who we ALL know and both of them have been involved in controversies throughout the years.

Chong Of “Cheech & Chong” Be The Pappy!

Marcus Chong’s dad is actor, Tommy Chong! Remember him from the “Cheech and Chong” movies back in the day?!! Tommy actually adopted Marcus in 1978. Marcus (48) is African American and Chinese and his birth father is a successful (retired) news broadcaster in San Francisco, CA.

Lounging with Legends: Cheech and Chong
Tommy Chong (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

Not sure why Marcus was adopted by Tommy and his then wife, Shelby Fiddis, but Tommy is who he knows as his father. I tell ya’ we learn something new around here everyday. See why Marcus Chong claims that Warner Bros.’ producers set him up and had him arrested below…

Marcus Chong Tells Why He Was Kicked Off “Matrix”

In an interview with IAmSoNotHollywood, Marcus Chong said Warner Bros. gave him an “illegal” non-union deal for “The Matrix” movie. The purpose of an actor being in a union, like SAG, is so they’re rights are protected and their contracts are honored. After asking Warner Bros. film producers, Larry and Andrew Wachowski about it, Chong says he was excluded from the film’s promo events and ultimately physically thrown out of the movie premiere by bodyguards at Warner Bros. Studio!

After the films huge success, Chong says the producers constantly called him to do a sequel and even drew up a contract behind he and his agent’s back, but he refused to sign. Chong was resistant because:

“They [the Matrix film producers] wanted to starve me out, hold all my money, take all my residuals, not give me any pension credit, not give me any health credit, and I was upset because I had worked for Warner Bros. when I was 10 years old in ‘Roots,’ so they had a long relationship with me,” says Chong.

Later Chong said he was then “threatened”…

(Video) Death Threat Claims & Arrest?!!

Marcus Chong said after having a heated meeting with Warner Bros.’ Steven Slack, Slack called him and asked for his address and when he asked Slack what he wanted it for, Chong says Slack told him he “couldn’t say it over the phone.” So Chong told him “I’m taking that as a threat, don’t come near my house.” After the threat, Chong got a small camera crew and went to the police station to report and document the threat by and to also report that Warner Bros. had “stolen” his money, but within 15 seconds Chong said the police arrested him instead:

“I was arrested because when Steve Slack made that invisible threat, I called Larry and Andrew Wachowski, on their voicemail and I said ‘Hey Larry, Andy, if you send anyone to my home, to fu*king harm me, I will c0me and kill you and your brother. That’s not a threat if they’re gon’ send someone to my home. But they took that and they used it as if it were a threat…anybody who comes to someone’s home, you should expect to get shot. […] I don’t own a gun, never have,” says Chong.

Chong also claims that Warner Bros.  sent a recording of the voicemail, along with photos of him dressed as a Black Panther from his 1995 film, “Panthers,” to the CIA, FBI, and LAPD, in an attempt to silence him from making a documentary that was going to air out their allegedly shady business practices. And there it is folks…this was just a big mess.