Bootsy Collins’ Interview Makes Today’s New Artists Look Weak!

Posted On : April 7, 2015

bootsy collins blog pic

Bootsy Collins is talking real talk in this interview he did with Red Bull, and we think these young artists out here need to take notes! Although Bootsy wasn’t really trying to go hard at today’s artists, he did so indirectly, because it’s hard for us to read this, without thinking about the stuff we hear on the radio today that’s being packaged up and sold as “urban music.”

This isn’t a “bash all new artists” type of article, because I think there are a few great artists on the radio today, regardless of if we may personally like their music, or not. So this is more like a “grown folks calling out the youngins who need to be schooled about their actions” type of article. Check out parts of Bootsy’s interview below. [After you read it, answer our question at the bottom of page 3 of this article.]

Bootsy on the demands that was placed on him back then:

We took rehearsals probably even more serious than we took the shows. At rehearsals we just kept at it. I remember last night we were playing this thing…we played it a few times, and somebody said, “Oh, one of my fingers is hurting.” That was unheard of. I remember fingers bleeding! We practiced until people’s hands bled. And we weren’t doing it on purpose to make people’s hands bleed, we were just trying to get it right. Musicians’ hands were bleeding on the keyboards, you’d have blood on the piano, blood on the guitar. But this was just a part of it, we wanted to get it right. And it wasn’t just me.

Sadly, some of today’s artists, in particular, some rap artists (but definitely not all) are drawing blood through their art too, but it’s not from rehearsing their crafts like Bootsy, instead it’s from the poisonous messages their record labels are encouraging them to push out to their fans through MAINSTREAM radio. That is further causing the the younger people to become even more desensitized to their environment and making them think it’s cool to bust guns over the slightest confrontation and snort dope for fun, just like their idols do on record. Moving on…