This C+C Music Factory Singer Was Once Accused Of Fake Singing..See Her Now Though

Posted On : May 1, 2017

In the early 90s, the C+C Music Factory took the music industry by storm. The group, which was comprised of two talented Technotronic and Black Box music producers, Robert Clivillés and David Cole, and a variety of singers who were featured on various projects, sold millions of records. With their debut album, the New York, NY natives went five times platinum thanks to hit records like ” Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” “Here We Go (Let’s Rock & Roll),” and “Just A Touch of Love.” Altogether, the C+C Music Factory released three albums, but like many celebrities, their moment of fame didn’t last very long. The group became a distant memory after a gradual decline, following their 90’s reign and a highly-publicized lip-syncing lawsuit.

After the first album, things gradually went downhill and despite the group’s success, they found themselves in the midst of controversy due to lip-synching allegations. All the drama began when the group’s lead singer Marsha Wash actually sued the group after another C&C Music Factory vocalist, Zelma Davis, was filmed lip-synching Wash’s vocals in the music video for “Everybody Dance Now.” The lawsuit was ultimately settled out of court and a disclaimer was added to the video credits “crediting Wash for vocals and Davis for “visualization,” according to Rolling Stone. 

Despite the vocal discrepancy, Zelma Davis is still the singer most fans associate with “Everybody Dance Now.”  It’s been more than 20 years since C+C dominated the music industry but Zelma Davis hasn’t changed much at all. If you haven’t seen her, you’d probably be surprised to see what she looks like now. She’s definitely an ageless beauty whose bangin’ good looks have only gotten better with time.


While with C+C Music Factory, Zelma and the group won five American Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, four Billboard Music Awards and received one Grammy Award nomination. Although the group is no longer in the spotlight, Zelma is still a solo singer. However, the road back to stardom hasn’t been easy. During a previous Rolling Stone interview, Zelma explained how she never received the royalties she deserved for her work with C+C. Although she Freedom Williams were always associated with the group, unfortunately, their place in the group wasn’t what most fans would assume.

2016, Zelma Davis (far right) with C+C Music Factory's Robert Civilles (C) and actress, Tisha Campbell
Zelma Davis (far right) with C+C Music Factory’s Robert Civilles (C) and actress, Tisha Campbell (L) (via Facebook)

“C&C Music Factory was always clearly David Cole and Robert Clivillés,” said Zelma Davis, who was one of C&C Music Factory’s lead vocalists. “Freedom and I were told that we were featured members of the group, not owners of the band.”

Members of the group are still embroiled in a heated legal battle over royalties and creative rights for the group. Hopefully, things rule in favor of those who have been fighting for so long.