This Former ’80s Drug Kingpin Revealed He Married A Beautiful, Legendary R&B Singer

Posted On : October 11, 2021
Former drug kingpin, Dana Gold

At ILOSM, we always bring you Old School news with a new point of view, and like we always say: We can learn a lot from the lives of our favorite celebs- regardless of if it is what to do, or what not to do. These entertainers cannot have great success, without naturally experiencing many great failures and that’s okay, because just like the rest of us, their flawed human beings.

As is the case with a popular ’80s R&B singer who was married to a big time drug kingpin in the ’80s when her career was in full flight and he was moving more kilos than “Nino Brown” from New Jack City. This guy was known to the Hollywood world, and in the streets, as one of the biggest cocaine suppliers on the west coast and he was raking in millions of dollars. Who do you think his ex is? Hmmm…get your scroll-on👇🏾 to find out, ILOSM fam’…

Who Is His R&B Ex-Wife?

Singer, Cherrelle, with then-husband, Dana Gold

She’s “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You” and “Saturday Love” songstress, Cherrelle, who married the infamous Los Angeles drug kingpin, Dana Gold, back in the ’80s.

Although Cherrelle has frequently talked about her other ex, singer Ran (of the group, Rick, Ran, and Dan), who tragically passed away in the ’90s, she never really publicly discusses her ex-husband, Dana, in interviews. Not sure why, but industry folks know about them and Dana himself released a documentary about his days in the dope dealing circle, where he also verified that he was married to Cherrelle in the ’80s. You can check out a short video clip of her ex discusiing this below. Dana Gold talks about his ex-wife, Cherrelle, at approximately the 3:18 mark:

Wow, after watching the video maybe now I can understand why Cherrelle doesn’t necessarily want to go around blasting this information to anyone with ears…it’s not always easy for everyone to understand living that lifestyle. But again: great success does not come without great failures. So as far as Cherrelle’s ex-husband…hey we live and we learn, that doesn’t make her – nor anyone else who may be in the situation she was in – a bad person, it simply makes them a perfectly flawed human being…just like the rest of us.

Anyways, I still love me some Cherrelle and I still blast her music to this very day…Cherrelle, keep doing your thing queen!

Source: Gwop Magazine

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