This Hollywood Married And Has Kids With A ’90s R&B Singer That Male Fans Loved

Posted On : May 23, 2023
Actor, Glenn Plummer

Depending on your age…you either know actor, Glenn Plummer, as ‘High Top’ from the movie, “Colors,” as ‘O.G. Bobby Johnson’ from the film, “South Central,” or as ‘Pernell’ from “Menace II Society.” What many may not know about him is that he’s the former husband of an ’80s/’90s R&B singer, whose group had radio airwaves heated up for a few years back in the day.

Although they divorced in 2014, Glenn and his ex-wife have a long history together. They were married for 14 years, and have two beautiful children from their union. And from the looks of it, they’re still pretty cool with each other today. Check out who his R&B wife was below…

He Married A ‘Good Girl!’

R&B group, The Good Girls; Glenn Plummer’s ex-wife, DeMoncia Santiago, pictured right

Glenn Plummer was married to The Good Girls singer, DeMonica Santiago, from 2000 to 2014. You all remember the R&B girls group, The Good Girls, right? They were the Motown Records group that came out rockin’ the Catholic school outfits with the short plaid skirts, cardigan sweaters, ties, and oxford shoes…all while making it look cool.

Glenn Plummer with his ex-wife and mother of their children, former Good Girls singer, DeMonica Santiago

They had hits like “Your Sweetness” and “Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart.” At their peak from about 1989 to 1992, some people described their sound as an New Jack Swing version of The Supremes. Check out the video below to refresh your memory…

We don’t really know why Glenn and DeMonica divorced after 14 years…maybe they just grew apart.

Anywho, at the time of their divorce, it was also reported that Glenn was not leaving their home, and continued living there with DeMonica and their children.

Meet The Plummers

Below are a few throwback photos of Glenn and DeMonica with their beautiful [now] 22-year-old daughter, Julia Plummer, and their son, Joshua Plummer (age unknown).

Throwback photo of Glenn Plummer and former Good Girls singer, DeMonica Santiago, with their children



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Random Fun Fact: Glenn Plummer Almost Beat Up Sean Penn On Movie Set

Glenn Plummer recalled the scene in “Colors”…when police officers, “Pac-Man” (Sean Penn) and “Hodges” (Robert Duvall) beat the brakes off of his character, “High Top.” Duvall and Penn went off-script and got reality twisted with fiction, says Plummer.

GLENN PLUMMER ON ROBERT DUVALL- “So we get on set and these guys are running around and they’re treating everybody like they’re gang members. You know what I mean? Like talking…little advantages and stuff. Like we did a scene the alley way and the first thing that happened in that scene was that I was on my knees and Robert Duvall slapped me in the face with a notebook, like hard enough to put…a welp on my cheek. So that was the FIRST thing that happened, I was HANDCUFFED! […] And I looked at him and I remember going “Aww man, it’s like THAT? And I’m looking around and I’m wondering if anybody;s gonna do anything about it….nobody said anything.”

“Colors” film; (L) Robert Duvall, (R) Sean Penn

GLENN PLUMER ON SEAN PENN- “I think he got upset because he wanted everything to be ‘real,’ but what ended up happening was he kinda felt like he wanted to do some extra sh*t. And he ended up slamming my face down on the car and in the scene I was wearing these shades. And at one point he slammed it and i took it with my elbows and then when I relaxed, he slammed my head back down into the car, busted my shades, ripped them apart and you know, gave me this whole like, reason to kill him. Then at that point I was like ‘Okay you know what? This has gone too far.’ So I stopped and I’m like ‘Man…I’m not really a gang member, I’m not really 17, I’m not really seventeen motherfu*ka, I’m 27 years old, I’m a grown ass man… And if you slam my head down on this car again dude I’m fuc*in’ you up.’ […] ‘And all them cops you hangin’ ’round with to get into character, and all these producers sitting around here who…don’t seem to care that you over here trying to fu*k me up, they ain’t gon’ get to you fast enough before I kick your a$$.’ So…you either stop doing this sh*t now, or me and you gon’ be in this dirt.'”

Check out what Glenn said happened next in the video below…