This Legendary “Purple Rain” Actor Married An Incredible “Matrix” Movie Actress

Posted On : June 3, 2021
Clarence Williams III

Clarence Williams III has been in the game for many many years. As most of us know, Williams was cast in a number of major moves and some of his best work were in films like Purple Rain, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, Sugar Hill, Blue Hill Avenue, and American Gangster, Williams has left his mark on the film industry. But, most fans probably have no clue he married this amazing Matrix actress…

“The Matrix” actress he was married to…

Actress, Gloria Foster in “The Matrix”

Williams III married Gloria Foster, who was best known for her performance in the box office hit The Matrix. In the film, which has grossed more than $463.5 million since its 1999 release, Foster portrayed the vital role of the “Oracle,” a mysterious older lady with the power to guide humans in The Matrix. The pivotal role serves as yet another accomplishment on Foster’s filmography. The Matrix film franchise is now considered one of the most successful in film history, with all of the films grossing more than $1,632,989,142, collectively.

Gloria Foster [center] and Keanu Reeves [L]  in “The Matrix”
She and Williams met on the set of the television show Mod Squad back in the 60s and tied the knot in 1967. The two were actually married more than 15 years before they divorced in 1984. However, even after their divorce, the two remained really close friends. In fact, Williams III was the one to publicly announce his ex-wife’s death on Sept. 29, 2001.

1970: Gloria Foster with her then husband, Clarence Williams III (Getty Images)

At the time of her death she was in the middle of filming The Matrix Reloaded, which ultimately released in 2003. Some of Gloria’s previously filmed scenes were still included in the 2003 movie though. At her funeral, many iconic actors attended to pay homage to Gloria Foster- an actor they highly respected for her acting abilities. Author, Martin B. Duberman, commended Foster for her work in the stage play, In White America. “Gloria didn’t act the part,” said Duberman, “she embodied it. At the end of the scene each night, there were tears streaming down her face, her body was trembling, but her dignity was intact.”

One of Gloria Foster’s closest friends is the iconic Cicely Tyson…

The iconic actress, Cicely Tyson, was one of Gloria Foster’s good friends. She also spoke at Foster’s funeral, doting on her “unceasing dedication to her profession and her talent.” She also shared intimate details about their friendship revealing they often indulged in three hour-long conversations regularly.

Other celebs who spoke at Foster’s funeral included actresses Mary Alice (who ended up playing the same “Oracle” role in The Matrix Revolution after Foster passed away), the iconic Ruby Dee; and actors, Al Freeman (played Elijah Muhammad in “Malcolm X”), Geoffrey Holder (from “Boomerang” and “Annie” movies), and others.

Clarence Williams III and Gloria Foster are the epitome of true love in Hollywood. The bond they shared, even decades after their divorce, is proof of that.