“Love Boat” Actor & Adult Star Jenna Jameson Made A Business Move No One Expected

Posted On : April 10, 2015

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We all remember when actor, Ted Lange a.k.a. “Isaac,” was mixing up drinks, as the bartender on The Love Boat right? Well, what a lot of us probably didn’t know was that he had a, shall we say, liberated side…so to speak. Yep, our man, Ted, was serving up something with adult film star, Jenna Jameson, that we just couldn’t see his character “Isaac” ever doing.

Their Joint Business Move

In case you haven’t heard of Jenna Jameson, she’s one of the most popular adult actresses in the adult industry and at one point, her net worth was $30 million.

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Ted and Jenna were  serving up sex advice to the public, as a sex expert team. The unlikely duo co-wrote a regularly featured sex column in the popular men’s magazine, FHM Mag, before the American version of the magazine folded.

Could you imagine getting sex advice from “Isaac?” That’s no disrespect to Ted Lange, but that just seems kinda awkward, because it would be difficult to get the image of “Isaac” standing behind that Love Boat bar out of my mind. But apparently, I stand alone on that one, because the FHM readers didn’t mind it at all. In fact, they loved it, especially since Jenna was on there talking about sex with him.

Overall, it’s great that Ted’s been fortunate enough to consistently do the things that he’s passionate about. So we can never knock him for that.

Old School Fun Facts About Ted Lange

Now 70 years young, Ted has also been tackling many other feats since his days on Love Boat and That’s My Mama. Aside from dropping 28 pounds on the TV show, Celebrity Fit Club, Lange’s been making his mark in the entertainment world. After Love Boat ended in 1986, Lange appeared in various films and guest roles on 227, The Cleveland Show, Glitch!, Evening Shade, Scrubs,Drake & Josh, The King of Queens, and Psych.

In addition to his film and television work, Lange has also done extensive theater work and he writes stage plays. Here’s what he had to say about that:

“Twenty three plays and I’m going to Virginia in May to perform one of my plays. It’s called “Lady Patriot.” It’s about the Civil War, Jefferson Davis’ White House. There’s a spy in the White House, no one knows who it is. It turns out to be a 21-year-old black slave who could read and write named Mary Bowser. True story. I do a lot of historical research on my plays and then I take it from a black point of view and put it on the stage.”

During his stint on The Love Boat, Lange also served as director and screenwriter on various episodes of the series. In 1977, he wrote the screenplay for the 1977 drama Passing Through, starring Cora Lee Day and Marla Gibbs. In 1999, Lange directed two episodes of The Love Boat: The Next Wave, the UPN series based on The Love Boat. He also directed episodes of Moesha, Dharma & Greg, and Eve. In 2008, he directed the drama For Love of Amy.

Who was Ted’s all time favorite guest star on “The Love Boat?” Here’s who said:

Ted Lange- “Diahann Carroll because that was my first romantic screen kiss. It’s like a virgin – your first time is always special. I messed up about 15 times before she realized I was doing it on purpose. We kept having to do take after take until she finally said, ‘You better stop that and get it right.’”

Today, Lange is happily married to his wife, Mary Ley.

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Lange was destined for a career in entertainment because his Mother, Geraldine Lange, kind of dibbled and dabbled in on-screen endeavors too. She was a personal secretary to a San Francisco mayor by day, but was public affairs director of San Francisco’s KBHK-TV and she also hosted television programs on KBHK-TV, by night.

Ted’s continuing to create his stage plays and work in the entertainment industry, so maybe we’ll be seeing him soon. Will we ever get a new sex column from him? Only time will tell.

Source: Fox News