This Music Legend Just Turned 60 & Shares Thankful Message That He Wasn’t Another Statistic

Posted On : February 16, 2018

The cool kid in this throwback photo is cheesin’ it up today for several reasons. On February 16, 2018, he turned 60 years young and damn near can’t believe he made it this far. Why? Because his background was engulfed in the street life when he was growing up on the streets of L.A.. He has some experience in the gang life, the pimp game, rap game, and ultimately, the acting industry. Think you know who he is ILOSM fam?’ Get your scroll on to see if your guess is good…

Who Is The Baby?

He’s none other than the legendary Ice-T! Today marks his 60th orbit around the sun and to remind everyone of just how grateful he is, he posted a few b-day posts for himself, reminding everyone of the statistic we see all too often for African American men:

Uncle Jamm's Army Reunion
Rapper/Actor ICE T performs at the Uncle Jamm’s Army Reunion at The Savoy Entertainment Center on October 28, 2017 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

Ice T: “I’m 60 yrs old today! Win. Since I was not supposed to make it outta my 20s..”

In addition to that, it was Ice T who re-shared his own throwback baby pic and included in his caption, the title, NUDE IceT Pic:

And of course, his controversial wife, Coco, showed her man some love…

Fans were happy to see the legend hit a milestone today and sent him plenty of b-day wishes on Twitter.

Now, just because he’s right at the senior citizen mark, don’t get it twisted, Ice T ain’t slowing down whatsoever. In early February, he announced that he has a new show called, In Ice Cold Blood, hitting the Oxygen channel in April 2018.

It’s a beautiful thing to see Ice-T come such a long way. I must admit that when he originally transitioned from “Colors” rapper, to New Jack City actor, I was not feelin’ his acting skills at all. Over the years though, the brotha has clearly gotten a lot better than his days as “Officer Scottie” chasing “Nino Brown” around town. Wishing Ice-T many more birthdays to come.

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