This Soul Singer Became An Openly Bisexual Singer, Who Angered The Gay Community

Posted On : May 24, 2016

She has been hailed as a very strong woman and even an activist, who many follow. Throughout her music career, she’s caught a lot of flack about her views on gay relations and the standards that gay people should be held to, but through it all she has maintained her stance and continued to remain an open and honest representation of herself.

She is Meshell Ndegeocello!

meshell2She is Meshell Ndegeocello! Remember her? She first hit us with her '93 classic, "Dreadlocs," and then "If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)." The songs she started releasing soon after those first two, such as "Who Is He and What Is He To You" and the religious rebellious song "Leviticus: Faggot," is where the real shock started to happen.

She received an extreme amount of backlash from the lesbian community, see why...

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She is a woman who never bites her tongue – not in her music, nor in her everyday life and that is why we love her. When we really get down to it, record labels should never filter the true representation of their artists. Otherwise, what’s the point in calling an artist and artist? If we leave it up to these labels, we might as well just call them prepackaged puppets, with a hint of their true selves added.
-ILoveOldSchoolMusic, old school news with a new point of view