That Time Ginuwine Made His & Sole’s Daughters Cry Happy Tears Over His Surprise Visit

Posted On : July 15, 2019

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There’s nothing like a beautiful Father-daughter story to brighten our day, especially in today’s climate, when African American fathers don’t seem to get much recognition. Thankfully, “Pony” singer, Ginuwine, and his daughters -with ex-wife/rapper Sole’- have just displayed a perfect example of that. (Scroll down for video)…

Before we get to the touching video footage of what he did for his daughters, let us give you a quick reminder on Ginuwine’s past with Sole’ and his children.

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Ginuwine has a total of 8 children -6 biological children and 2 stepchildren- by four women, and in a prior interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, he spoke about how difficult things can get with multiple baby-mothers:

Ginuwine- “When you have a babymama here, a babymama there, it’s going to be drama, period. Regardless of what one says to you—“I’m not going to trip like that,” “I’m cool” and all that—after a while that goes out the window. After you leave that one person and you find love somewhere else, that person that you were with, they hate that.”

As y’all already know, Ginuwine married Sole’ in 2003, but things went sour and they ultimately divorced in 2015.[FYI: Sole’ has since married Professor Griff of Public Enemy]. Though we were all rooting for them to last, Ginuwine said this about their divorce:

“We’re friends and we’re good, we’re going to raise our kids separately, and we’re good.”

The “So Anxious” crooner has always been a true family man. However, with divorce, comes separation of many elements in life- including the physical separation of a parent from their children, as is the case with Ginuwine and his children with Sole.’

How Ginuwine Surprised His Daughters…

Ginuwine with 4 of his 8 children (via Instagram)

After Ginuwines and Sole’s 2015 divorce, Sole’ and her kids apparently relocated to another city and/or state. This was a huge adjustment for them all, and it reduced Ginuwine’s daddy-time to primarily Face Timing his babies on the regular, as he explained in his Instagram post….

Due to the fact that he doesn’t get to see them daily anymore, Ginuwine decided to surprise their daughters; who didn’t know he would be standing at their door, waiting for them when they returned home one day. As soon as his daughters spotted him lurking around the corner, one of them jumped up into his arms and cried happy tears.

Their reactions were emotional and priceless. It was also a true reflection of the bond Ginuwine will always have with his babies, no matter the distance between them, nor how old they get. Props to Ginuwine and Sole’ for maintaining a peaceful, loving friendship after their divorce. #ProudDaddyMomentsArePriceless