Tina Knowles Breaking Down, In Tears On Video After Solange…

Posted On : May 9, 2016

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and while most of us celebrated our Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers, and Great-grandmothers with family and friends, Solange took her celebration of her mother to Instagram! Check out the heartfelt message the had Tina Knowles-Lawson in tears.

Solange's Beautiful Open Letter, Tina's In Tears

Solange Knowles-Feugson surprised her mom Tina Knowles-Lawson with a beautiful open letter on Instagram for Mother’s day. Solange-Beautiful-Mother's Day

And one mo of @mstinalawson because she left the blueprint. Strong, smart, free, independent, humble, generous, graceful, kind, hard working, creative, funny and most importantly LOVING.
Always showed us the power in having a vision. Grew up with not much at all, 6 sisters and brothers in a 2 bedroom house. Didn't have a degree, but ALWAYS the smartest sharpest woman in the room. Started a business in her garage and turned it into a lil empire, a space for women to feel empowered and beautiful. My sisters and I had a spare room in the salon, because you refused to have someone else raising us. Came to work with you every day and got to see the power of having a vision and working hard as hell to see it come to life. Had such an incredible tribe of women (Vernell, Cheryl, Angie,) around also showing us the power of being loving, hardworking, graceful women and mothers...(continued)

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