Tiny Shares Jaw Dropping Photo Of Her Newly Thicker Body & Gets Major Backlash

Posted On : May 13, 2017

Tiny may be in the middle of divorcing her husband, T.I., but one thing she wants y’all to know is that her body is ever-evolving, so to speak.
fb tiny
We all know by now that Tiny is going through an evolution process as she and T.I. adapt to their new reality of living the single life like Cameo. However, it seems that her curves have gone through a bit of an evolutionary process as well.

Tiny’s New Thickness

In her recent Instagram post, she decided to show off her ‘assets’ with a back view of her body. Check out Stella getting her groove back below…


Fans Give Mixed reactions To Tiny’s Body

As y’all would have expected, Tiny caught flack and handclaps from her fans who let their Insta fingers go to work after seeing her Georgia peach. Some believe that Tiny took another trip to her plastic surgeon and went a little too overboard with her ‘enhancements’…
Tiny comments1

Others believe that she’s either been getting her squat-on at the gym and gave her props; or that she did go to her plastic surgeon for butt shots, but did not go too far with the injections and they big upped on her larger Georgia peach…
Tiny comments2
So…what say you ILOSM fam?’ Are you loving Tiny’s new photo/body or nah?

Is Tiny Feeling Pressured To Compete With T.I.’s Side Chick?

I think Tiny’s a beautiful woman, but I must admit that when I first saw Tiny’s new photo – and after seeing her recently get teary eyed on The Wendy Williams Show when discussing the unfortunate situation between she and T.I.’s side chick, Bernice Burgos- it made me wonder if she felt insecure about her physique in comparison to T.I.’s boo thang. It may sound like a shallow thing to say, but I sincerely mean no harm, so let me explain…

Bernice Burgos
Bernice Burgos

Divorce after 10 years of marriage (and 18 years total together) can take a toll on both involved. In Tiny’s case, the fact that her husband began seeing a younger, more curvier woman, could indirectly make her feel that he does’t think her body type was ‘good enough’ anymore, even if that was not T.I.’s intentions at all.
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The point is divorce, as we all know, can have both an emotional and psychological impact on a person. With that said, could Tiny have felt the need to enhance her butt (whether in the gym or on the surgery table) to psychologically feel that she is now ‘good enough’ for T.I.? Who knows? But for whatever it’s worth, I’d like to end this by saying to Tiny -and any other woman who may be in a vulnerable headspace due to a breakup- that you are ‘good enough’ as you are, and if there is something you want to change about yourself solely for yourself, then go for it. BUT never feel pressured to change for us (men). In my opinion, the most attractive quality a woman could possess is true inner confidence.