Tito Jackson’s Sons Painfully Discuss Recent Parole Hearing Of Man Who Took Their Mom’s Life

Posted On : July 18, 2019

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Tito Jackson’s sons, Taryll (43), Taj (45)and TJ Jackson (41) – also known as the pop group, 3T- are sighing a sigh of relief and trying to recalibrate their emotions after having to endure a painful experience on March 28, 2019. They attended a tense parole hearing for the convicted murderer of their Mother, and have now shared what it was like coming face to face with him.

The hearing was an emotional roller coaster, filled with pain, anger, grief, and hope. The brothers drove three hours to face the killer, with the hopes that the parole board would deny his quest for freedom. All the while, they dealt with the painful reminder of the beautiful soul their Mom’s murderer took from them.

The tragic death of 3T’s mother/Tito Jackson’s wife, Dee Dee Jackson, rocked the entire Jackson family, whom Dee Dee was very close to. For many years, many details surrounding her death and her convicted killer were unknown, but what we’ve now learned is that her death seemed more like a twisted movie drama plot.

Sons’ Reveal Details…

In emotional online posts, Taj and Taryll shared what happened at the March 28th parole hearing.
Taj tweeted:

“Yesterday we had to drive 3 hours away to face my mom’s murderer for his parole hearing. The day was difficult, long, and emotional. But in the end, he was denied parole again 🙏🏽…”

Taryll posted this update on Instagram:

“Very emotional and tough day today. Although the man that murdered my Mother was denied parole, there is no victory or win because nothing will bring her back. To my family, friends and everyone else that called, sent messages, left comments and showed support… I appreciate you. It’s been many years, but it still hurts like yesterday. Your love was really needed and I thank you for being there for me. #deedeejackson #poweroflove #ddjf #domesticviolence”

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