TLC’s Chilli Reveals Why She Blocked Charlamagne The God From Her Social Media

Posted On : December 18, 2017

When it comes to social media, sometimes you just have to distance yourself from drama and negativity. Apparently, that’s what TLC singer Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas decided to do about Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God. According to Essence, Chilli decided to block Charlamagne Tha God. A couple months ago, Chilli and T-Boz appeared on The Breakfast Club. During the discussion, the ladies admitted how they aren’t holding a grudge against L.A. Reid or Pebbles. So, Charlamagne thought it was the perfect time to ask why he was still blocked on Twitter.

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Why So Serious?:

When Charlamagne asked Chilli the million dollar question, Chilli wasted no time explaining why. Chilli told him the honest truth. He’s not a nice person so she felt it was “very necessary” to rid her timeline of the negativity. “Because he said something that wasn’t nice,” Chilli responded. “I wouldn’t have blocked him otherwise… it was very necessary.”

Charlamagne inquired further asking Chilli to further explain why she blocked him. She described him as “mean” and “tacky.” “Because you’re mean…I don’t know if you got beat up in school growing up,” Chilli added. “Some attention you did not get.. you can be funny with people and speak your mind or whatever, but it’s just tacky”

Still don't know why Chili blocked me on Twitter……

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Just Like Wendy Williams:

Charlamagne just couldn’t understand why Chilli felt the way she did about him. “Just because I say something you don’t agree with, doesn’t mean, I’m mean,” he said. She responded, “The way you say it. You can say whatever, but it’s the way you say it. You’re just tacky, you’re just like Wendy [Williams].”

While Chilli did offer an answer to Charlamagne’s question, she didn’t give a specific reason for the shade. But according to Essence, Chilli did admit her decision was based on something Charlamagne said about her directly. “Kindred spirits. Why are we entertaining it [the conversation]? Because you know what you do and how you do it. I’m a find out why. I’m a go back and interview people. I’m a find some family members and be like, ‘Come on. Give it to me.””

With another post about the situation, Charlamagne may have proved Chilli right.

Sometimes it’s best just to agree to disagree. That’s probably the best solution for Chilli and Charlamagne.