TLC’s T-Boz And Chilli Admit Why They’ve Constantly Turned Down Roles On ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

Posted On : May 18, 2019

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight they both revealed they’ve been approached by producers separately, numerous times.

“I have,” Chilli admitted about being asked to be a part of the series, with T-Boz adding, “I have too, four times.”

So would they ever join the ladies of Atlanta? “Heck no,” Chilli said.

Chilli admitted she’s been asked twice to participate and both times, like T-Boz, she’s declined. And T-Boz sums it up best with her answer.

“I did [a cameo] for Kandi [Burruss] one time,” T-Boz said, adding, “This is the thing, I don’t play like that. Like, I’m not arguing, I’m too old to be arguing and first of all, I don’t argue with nobody I don’t care about. If I care about you, I will take the time to do this. But I’m not arguing with no grown women. I’ll end up going to jail for real. Like, I don’t do that.”

Chilli jokingly added, “And I wouldn’t be able to bail her out because I would be right there with her.”

TLC remains outspoken, a trait they have flawlessly maintained throughout their career. That, and timeless music. Up next; a multi-city tour with Nelly and Flo Rida beginning next month. These ladies continue to captivate audiences by simply being who they are. And without a doubt they will continue to keep us intrigued for as long as they wish.

Check out the rest of their ET video below.