After Todd Bridges Gets Restraining Order, Another Ex Makes Odd Claims Against Him

Posted On : August 16, 2018

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It’s been an odd few days for Todd Bridges a.k.a. “Willis” from “Diff’rent Strokes.” He’s going through some MAJOR drama with his ex-girlfriends, one of which is an adult film star and another one who has just randomly surfaced outta nowhere. The former lovebirds are accusing each other of some crazy crap and it involves weaponry, pets, and restraining orders.

Restraining Orders, Weapons, Pets…Oh My!!!

So, it was just a few days ago that we reported about the restraining order Todd Bridges was granted against his pornstar ex-girlfriend, Melissa Hill. As of August 16, 2018, in an odd turn of events, his other ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Wolf, has been granted a restraining order of her own…and it’s against Todd. The judge has now ordered him to stay 100 yards away from her and her pets, just as Todd’s other ex was ordered to do in his restraining order.

The Blast has reported that Todd is being accused of attempting to scare the hell outta Tiffany:

According to [Tiffany] Wolf, she met Bridges on a dating site and she claims that during their second date, he “took out taser and zapped it several times inches from my face.” Apparently undeterred by that incident, Wolf continued to see Bridges and claims the first time she spent the night at his house, he showed her a crossbow and “quickly removed the gun & bullets under his pillow.” She also claims that Bridges told her he “had beaten up homeless people trying to break into his house.” A few weeks later, Wolf claims Bridges pointed the crossbow at her and then two weeks later “pulled gun on dog because he thought someone was breaking in.” She also claims he told her that “he had shot someone before & did not know whether they lived or died.”

But wait…there’s more. According to the report, Tiffany claims she broke out in anxiety-induced shingles, that has caused her to now be placed on anti-anxiety medication, due to Todd’s alleged threats. The whole meds claim comes after she says she stuck a fork in their relationship in May 2018 and began getting harassing tweets from Todd by July. Wolf also claims that Todd’s best friend has been talking about her online, following the breakup.

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Via The Blast: As a result, Wolf says she broke out in shingles and has gone on anti-anxiety meds. “I am in fear of my life because I know Todd is mentally unstable and has weapons,” she writes, “including a crossbow he says he has so he can ‘sneak up on people’ and a small loaded gun.”

Bridges was also ordered to stay 100 yards away from Wolf’s cat and dog because she fears “he might harm them in retaliation for my police report and TRO request.”

Now…if you saw our last report about Todd Bridges’ restraining order, then it may seem like you’re experiencing a bad case of déjà vu. You’re not. Ya’ see, Tiffany Wolf’s claims are damn near identical to the claims Todd made in his restraining order against his other ex, Melissa Hill, days ago. In his claims, Todd said Melissa was harassing him somethin’ SERIOUS and that he was terrified that Melissa “will attack my dog if she’s not able to get to me. She could easily throw poisoned food over my fence.”

Not sure why there are so many similarities between the two restraining orders, but according to Todd’s team, they’re a result of both of his exes working together to “harass him.” Todd also admits to owning a crossbow, but is adamant that he never used it to threaten his ex. And the saga continues, I suppose.