Tommy Davidson Dumped In Trash As Baby, Reveals Pics Of His White Family

Posted On : November 7, 2015

Comedian/actor, Tommy Davidson, recently opened up about what it was like for him after he was dumped in a big pile of trash as a baby, and growing up with a “sister who looked like “Cindy Brady” and a brother who looked like David Cassidy from The Partridge Family. He discussed his experiences in detail on Oprah: Where Are They Now and also on The Huffington Post.

Adopted By His White Family At 2 Years Old

Tommy-Davidson-White-Family-Raised-3 And it turns out Tommy did more than just survive, he became a highly respected comedian that we know him as today, but that journey to success was not void of turmoil and pains for Tommy growing up during the civil rights era in a family that was completely Caucasian (with the exception of himself). His family love him dearly, but some folks in society during the civil rights era, didn't love him so much, nor understand him.

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If there is one thing that seems to be consistent in the lives of many comedians such as Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, and others, is that they have often experienced some great pains in their childhoods, which allow probably them to create their own happiness from within that they then go out and inject the world with it by way of laughter- one of the most powerful natural “highs” around.
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