Tommy Davidson Tells How Birth Mom Tried To Kill Him, Shows Pics Of White Family That Raised Him

Posted On : September 10, 2021
Tommy Davidson

Comedian/actor, Tommy Davidson, opened up about what it was like for him, after he was dumped in a big pile of trash as a baby, and ultimately growing up with a “sister who looked like ‘Cindy Brady'” and a “brother who looked like David Cassidy from The Partridge Family. He discussed his experiences in detail, on Oprah: Where Are They Now, and also on The Huffington Post.

On His Black Mom Dumping Him In Trash & Being Rescued By His White Mom

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Tommy Davidson’s adopted mother who saved his life, Barbara Davidson

Tommy revealed that when he was a baby his birth mother dumped him in a pile of trash, like he was just a load of garbage and left him for dead. His (adopted) mother just so happened to be walking by that trash pile at the right time and saw his tiny foot sticking out and quickly got him to the hospital.

“My mom who raised me, something told her to look behind this tire that was in a pile of trash, and she saw my foot,” Tommy said.

He had major contusions and fractures to his skull at that time, leaving the doctors to wonder if he would even survive.

Tommy Davidson (R) with adoptive brother

And it turns out Tommy did more than just survive, he became a highly respected comedian that we know him as today, but that journey to success was not void of turmoil and pains for Tommy. Growing up during the civil rights era in a family that was completely Caucasian (with the exception of himself), came with it’s fair share of racist backlash and confusion. His family loves him dearly, but some folks in society during that time, didn’t love him so much, nor did they understand him.

Davidson On Hardships Of Growing Up In His Loving White Family

Tommy Davidson with his Mother, brother, and sister

Tommy said he was officially adopted by his family when he was two years old. Shortly after that, the family moved to D.C. and this is what Tommy said about it:

“We moved to Washington, D.C., the week Martin Luther King Jr. got shot. So we move into one of the worst black cities. “There’s a riot, tear gas, tanks and federal troops are there. Me, my sister and my brother were laying on the floor in the car wondering what the hell was going on.”

The world’s perception of him being the odd ‘colored kid’ in his family of White people, confused him as a child.

“Here I was, a great, bright-eyed kid who had never heard the N-word, who had never heard ‘white cracker’ and was being called that by both [races],” he said. “I thought it was so stupid because, when I was a kid, I didn’t think that black people were black, I thought that we were brown like a crayon. And my sister was like peach, with the crayon.” But he also said that “The love that I got didn’t have any color.”

Tommy Davidson and his adoptive sister

Because he experienced the type of love that was colorless as a child, he revealed that he always had a deep question- that I think is very practical by the way- and that was “Why are the brown people always helping the peach people and the peach people have more?”

Check out Tommy’s interview below…

Tragedy Breeds Humor…Just Ask The Greats

If there is one thing that seems to be consistent in the lives of many comedians, such as Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, and others, it’s that they have often experienced some great pains in their childhoods. That pain probably forced them to create their own happiness from within, which they then go out and inject the world with, by way of laughter- one of the most powerful natural “highs” around.
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