Lisa Raye Steps Out To Spend Time With Her Adorable Grandbaby

Posted On : February 13, 2018

Yes, after all these years Lisa Raye still has it. It’s hard to believe that the 51 year-old actress is a grandmother but she is . Her only daughter, Kai Morae Pace gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Bella Rae on December 17th of 2016 with her boyfriend, Joe. Kai happily announced that Bella Rae was the first child of what she hopes is a growing family.

So happy to be a “glamma”, a few months after she was born, Lisa Raye shared an adorable picture of Bella Rae already rocking her grandmother’s favorite color of white.

Recently, Lisa Raye was spotted taking her adorable granddaughter horseback riding. Wearing her signature white with a sweatshirt that stated, It Is What It Is, Lisa Raye looked as if she is enjoying being a grandmother as she held Bella Rae along with her diaper bag and stroller. Fans learned from Raye’s reality show, The Real McCoy on how close Lisa Raye is with her daughter Kai. So, its no doubt that little Bella Rae is probably spoiled rotten.


Spending time with her grandmother probably gave the actress the joy she needed as she recently was a victim of a burglary  as  her home was robbed of purses and jewelry valuing up to $160,000 dollars. According to TMZ, Lisa Raye is currently having renovation done at her San Fernando Valley home. Raye informed TMZ that the believes the attack was an inside job as someone close to her knew that her home was under construction. Additionally, the attack occurred when she was not home as Lisa Raye was out of town. While Lisa Raye has cameras installed in her home, the cameras did not catch a good glimpse of the thief’s face. However, this incident has prompted Lisa Raye to add more cameras and revamp her security system. After all, she’s a grandma now. She must ensure that she is safe as well as her grandbaby at all times.