Wow! “Total” On Bad Boy Tour, But See Why Pam Is Stealing The Show!

Posted On : May 24, 2016

The Bad Boy Tour is on and popping as they make their way across the US this summer. If you’re a fan of 90s R&B and Hip Hop, when Faith, Total, Puffy, Mac, The Lox and others were dominating the (old school) radio stations, then you might be excited to know that the R&B group Total have finally all come together, and hitting the stage with the rest of the Bad Boy Camp. There’s one surprising fact, and it’s Pam of Total.

Check out how Pam of Total is STEALING the show!

Pamela-Long-Of-Total-1 Pam, (Pamela Long) of Total has been performing as Total with group member Kima for some time now, but now that Diddy's decided to reunite the camp, check out what's happening on state with Total...

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