Traci Braxton’s SON & NIECE Defend Her Against Aunt Tamar’s Shady Post

Posted On : April 3, 2017

The Braxton family may have ‘family values,’ but right about now, they seem to have issues that need to be resolved.

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Tamar Braxton

It’s been a crazy few days for singer, Tamar Braxton. First it was the online backlash she got from Xscape singer, Tiny’s, mother over her goddaughter (Tiny and T.I.’s baby, Heiress). Now it’s a few Braxton family members who have stepped up to blast her online for her actions.

In particular we’re talking about Tamar’s sister, Traci Braxton’s; Traci’s son, Kevin; and their niece; and her sister, Towanda.

Let’s start with Traci’s son and niece first.

Traci Braxton with son, Kevin
Traci Braxton with son, Kevin

Sunday, April 2 (2017) was Traci’s birthday and in posts that have since been deleted, there was a family battle going on. In true Braxton family fashion, many of the family showed Traci a lot of birthday love on social media. The day seemed all good for Traci, until Tamar posted her b-day tribute, followed by a second post that appeared to be shade toward Traci and that is what got Traci’s son and niece fired up.

Tamar’s first post read:

tamarbraxton: Happy Birthday to this real life beauty queen!! @therealtracibraxton Have a fantastic day and I love u more than you will ever know!! 🌟❤

Tamar’s very next post read something a lil’ different that appeared to be a classic shade-filled response that she’s oftentimes known to throw. She posted a photo of herself with the caption:

“When it’s REALLY your day tho…Happy TamarBraxtonDay…#margaritas and #shakeshack on DECK #littlerockROCKS”

Traci’s son commented underneath Tamar’s post second, telling her “Low key petty af Aunty SMH.” Check it out below…

via The Shade Room
via The Shade Room
Traci Braxton with she and Tamar's niece
Traci Braxton with she and Tamar’s niece

Then Traci’s niece commented under an image of her aunt Traci, stating “It’s YOUR day. Don’t let NOBODY ruin it. “IssaQueen #MyWorld #FavoriteAunt.”

Tamar replied to her niece: “…but I agree so Ima keep it cute!! Love you niece!! Stay out the comments tho babygirl!! Happy birthday TRACI!!!”

Later on Tamar posted a different birthday post to address the backlash from not only her niece nephew, but also from her IG fans (which is probably also why she disabled the comment feature under this post)…

Some may not agree with me on this and that’s understandable, but I think when it comes to family issues, a good ol’ fashioned phone call should suffice. Tamar’s niece and nephew should have kept their clap backs to their aunt off of social media…and I also think Tamar should stop throwing shade at people and denying it minutes later. Moving on…

Towanda Voices Issues With Tamar’s Miscarriage Claim

Towanda Braxton was very upset with her sister Tamar over her recent complaints about the sisters and she let her Twitter fingers do the talking.

Tamar and Towanda
Tamar and Towanda

I didn’t catch their show, but apparently Tamar must have taken aim at all of her sisters on a recent episode of The Braxton Family Values, for not being there for her during her ‘incident’ with husband, Vince…nor her miscarriage no one (including the sisters) knew about. Towanda reacted to Tamar on Twitter…

Tamar then retweeted this message from her fan…

And on that note…sending the Braxtons some peace, love, and virtual hugs because Lawd knows they shol’ need it.