Tragic: Roger Troutman’s Son Serving 32 Years In Prison For A Very Heartbreaking Crime

Posted On : September 23, 2022
(L) The late Zapp Band lead singer/musician, Roger Troutman; (R) Troutman’s son, Brent Lynch

This is an extremely sad situation on many levels. The late,”More Bounce To The Ounce” music legend, Roger Troutman, has a 33-year-old son, Brent Lynch, who’s serving a 32-year prison sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. Though he’s received his punishment for the crime he committed, what he’s done has not only caused severe grief to his ex’s family, he’s continued the seemingly deep path of tragedies within his family. As you all know, Roger Troutman was murdered by his own brother in a murder-suicide in 1999. Unfortunately, his son, Brent, was on the other side of a murder investigation. Details below…

Reported Details Of The Crime:

Below is what was reported by various news outlets at the time of the 2012 murder Roger Troutman’s son, Brent, was convicted for:

Roger Troutman’s son, Brent Lynch will spend more than 32 years in prison for the March 3, 2012 beating death of his ex-girlfriend, Carolyn Leete, 32.

Ramsey County District Judge Robyn Millenacker sentenced Brent Lanier Lynch on Thursday, Nov. 1, [2012] to 386 months.

See what the mother of his murdered ex-girlfriend had to say…

[Brent] Lynch, entered an Alford plea Sept. 14. In such a plea, a defendant does not admit the crime but concedes the evidence most likely would convince a jury of his guilt.

Mugshot: Brent Lynch, son of Roger Troutman

Lynch also was ordered to pay $10,325.97 to Leete’s mother, brother and sisters. This included funeral costs.

Leete, an artist and nanny, died of traumatic head injury. She was found on a bed, partially unclothed, in Lynch’s home in the 800 block of West Minnehaha Avenue in St. Paul.

She was bleeding from her nose, mouth and eyes, and had what appeared to be defensive scratches on her hands and arms. There was a blood splatter on the wall about 12 inches in diameter.

“I am Carolyn’s mother, and I taught her to love,” Sheila Leete said. “And now I find myself filled with a hate I didn’t have before. It eats away at my insides and leaves the void left by Carolyn’s death even greater.”

Carolyn Leete, the late ex-girlfriend Brent Lynch was convicted of killing (via Pinterest)

Brent’s aunt gave more shocking reports about that night…

It was also reported in the court docs, that Brent’s aunt, Glenda Jett, had given Brent and Carolyn a ride to his home, hours before the murder. Brent’s mother, Brenda Lynch, stated that when Brent called and asked her to come pick he and Carolyn up from a party spot, she could tell he was drunk. Brenda told police she’d refused to go get them, because when he drinks “he gets crazy and it terrifies her.”  So she instead asked Glenda to get them. The aunt said when she dropped them off back home a little after 4 a.m., both Brent and Carolyn had clearly been drinking heavily. About two hours later, Brent called his Aunt Glenda, back to the house, asking for help with Carolyn. Not knowing what she was walking into, that’s where his aunt found Brent with Carolyn’s unresponsive and bloodied body.

“It wasn’t supposed to go down like this,” the complaint quoted [Brent Lynch] as saying. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was the alcohol.” Inside the jail, he told staff, “Please be nice to me. I’m here for a long time.”

The Troutman Family Tragedies

Unfortunately, all stories we bring to you aren’t happy stories, but they’re real stories that represent all aspects of life- the good, bad, and the outright ugly. Rogers’ family has been plagued with several deaths throughout the years: As previously mentioned, Roger was shot and killed by his brother, Larry Troutman. Larry then killed himself. Roger Troutman’s other son, Roger Lynch, passed away at the age of 33 in 2003; and now one of Roger’s sons has committed murder. So sad indeed.

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