TRANSFORMATION ALERT! Jane Kennedy’s daughters don’t look ANYTHING like THIS anymore!

Posted On : January 14, 2016

Jane Kennedy has been busy the last decade away from the limelight. She was blessed to have 3 beautiful daughters, and 1 step-daughter which has been keeping her busy. Surprisedly, she’s a advocate for equality in sports for women and girls.  We’re checking in on her beautiful daughters and they are gorgeous!

If you remember, she met Leon Isaac Kennedy, and they married in 1971. (Fun ILOSM fact; Motown’s Smokey Robinson served as best man at the wedding!) Leon and Jane Kennedy divorced in 1982. In 1985 she married actor Bill Overton. Check out four beautiful daughters on the next page. And wait to you see how “Mrs. Parker” from the movie “Friday” is involved in their family!!!

Her Gorgeous Daughters

Kopper Joi Overton is 26 years old and is social media coordinator. Kopper Joi is a social media connoisseur from Los Angeles, CA with a passion for all things creative and innovative. Currently she is an Associate Manager for Social Media and Public Relations for JAKKS Pacific – a kids entertainment and toy manufacturing company.

Kooper Joi Overton (via Facebook)

Daughter Savannah Re Overton

Savannah Re Overton is a 30 year old media literacy advocate, communication/media and liberal studies scholar, and professor!

Savannah Re Overton

Triple Threat, Zaire Overton

Below is Zaire Overton. She is a professional plus sized model, and is currently a student majoring in International Relations at USC.

Zaire Ollyea Overton
Zaire Ollyea Overton

Remember Mrs. Parker from Friday? Well her daughter is the sister to these beautiful ladies.
She had a child with Jane Kennedy’s husband prior to them being married. Check out her beautiful daughter Cheyenne Overton. She’s the oldest of the Overton girls!

Cheyenne Overton-Mrs-Parker