Tweet’s Man Pastor Bryant Reportedly Found In Contempt Of Court Over Baby Mama Drama

Posted On : July 4, 2017

Jamal Bryant, Tweet; LaToya Odom, mother of Bryant’s son, John Bryant

Sometimes the kitchen gets a lil’ too hot before a person has time to get out of it, as is the case with singer, Tweet’s man/mega church pastor, Jamal Bryant.

The Preacher’s co-host is now in contempt of court after his baby mama, LaToya Odom, put him on blast in recently filed legal documents. She recently filed legal docs asking the judge to lock Pastor Bryant up for failing to maintain certain court-ordered payments for their toddler son, John Bryant. According to new reports, it looks like Ms. Odom just got her wish…unless Bryant pays up really fast. Check out the details below…

Jamal Bryant; LaToya Odom; inset photo: their son, John Bryant

Via TheJasmineBrand: Jamal Bryant was found in contempt of court, for his failure to obtain medical insurance for his child, along with failing to pay for expenses. […] On June 6th, the judge came back with his decision on the matter. The order states the issues that Bryant’s baby mama (LaToya Odom) raised were Bryant failing to pay child support on time, failure to provide medical & life insurance and failure to pay 75% of the uninsured medical expenses. … After reviewing the evidence, he found Bryant did not pay his child support untimely. However, he noted that he did fail to obtain medical & life insurance for his kid and failed to pay 75% of the medical expenses. … Bryant was ordered to pay $2,240.19 + $1,018.12 for a grand total of $3,258.31, then he will be purged of contempt.

As we previously reported, Bryant previously asked the judge not to lock him up, because he said LaToya was lying about him failing to pay child support and now it seems that he was right about that part. But in the words of his girlfriend, Tweet, he apparently had an “Oops!” by mistakenly (or maybe intentionally) skipping a few checks for his kid’s medical and life insurances. If the pastor knows what’s best for him though, he’ll be putting his ‘John Hancock’ on a check in LaToya’s name REAL soon. Unless he wants to be sitting in county jail singing gospel hymns with some big dude named ‘Bubba.’ I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid.