Twitter Has Questions: Ariana Grande’s Coachella Performance Fee Allegedly Doubled Beyonce’s

Posted On : April 19, 2019

Last year, Beyonce treated the audience at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to an HBCU homecoming re-enactment many had probably never experienced in their lives. And in an effort to keep that buzz going this year Beyonce released both a Netflix documentary and an accompanying live album based on the groundbreaking performance.

It reignited the conversation around exactly how dope her set was, however it’s also being discussed for a different reason since it seems this year’s headliner, Ariana Grande, was allegedly paid twice as much as Beyonce.


To say that Beyonce shut down last year’s Coachella with her high energy performance would be an understatement because it was so powerful that at one point during her takeover everyone’s favorite hype man DJ Khaled instructed the crowd to now refer to Coachella as ‘Beychella’, and rightfully so. And although Ariana’s performance this year has been buzzworthy (sparking the copycat moniker ‘Arichella’) there were a few missteps.

Grande, the youngest headliner ever in the music festival’s 20-year history, made headlines during her performance Sunday night for enlisting a live orchestra, reuniting (most of) *NSYNC, dueting with Nicki Minaj, and paying tribute to her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.

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