Tyler Perry: Billboard Ad, Actress Demands His Attention — It Backfires Big Time

Posted On : June 6, 2019
Tyler Perry addresses actress who took out billboard ad for his attention.
Photo via Instagram.

Well, this is embarrassing. Just when this actress thinks she’s standing out, Tyler Perry shuts down her massive press kit with frustration.

Generally — when auditioning for movie and television roles — you want to be outstandingly memorable. It seems that’s what Racquel Bailey is going for via her billboard advertisement.

However, it doesn’t exactly get the kind of attention she wants from Tyler Perry. “Auhhh…. soooooo…… here’s the deal,” Perry writes in a responding post.

This is not the way to get my attention if you’re looking for a role in one of my shows,” Tyler continues.

“Please DON’T DO THIS, SAVE YOUR MONEY!! This is the third time that someone has done this. PLEASE STOP! To audition is FREE!! I’m sure you can use that money for a better purpose.”

However, Tyler Perry Ends Up Giving Her Points>>>