Tyrese Clears Up His Statements About Black Women w/Weaves..Do U Forgive Him?

Posted On : April 10, 2017

Okay ILOSM fam,’ every now and then a celebrity makes an off kilter statement that requires them to do a 360 to clarify what they meant. Such is the case with our man, Tyrese, who has now taken a second to clear up his previously offensive statement regarding Black women who wear weaves.

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First, The Backstory On Why Tyrese Had To Explain Prior Comments

To understand why Tyrese is clarifying his statement, you have to first understand what he said. So for those of y’all who missed his prior report, here’s a quick recap: A few weeks ago when Tyrese announced his marriage on social media, he referred to his wife as a “Black Queen” and the backlash he received was on level 10. Why? It’s because his wife appears to be biracial, so many social media users were offended when he gave her the title of “Black Queen.” The title he gave his wife sparked a heated debate and Black Twitter wasted no time slamming Tyrese.

But here’s where the backlash went from level 10 to like, level 100 within minutes: Tyrese then took to Instagram and shared another lengthy post, where he ranted and criticized women who undergo procedures, such as botox and breast implants, and who also wear weaves. Tyrese then opened up a whole new can of worms with women, when he apparently compared his wife- whom he refers to as a “natural beauty”- to women who have what he calls “manufactured beauty.”

Tyrese’s Clarification About Weave Comment

And today here we are. Tyrese appeared on The Breakfast Club for an interview, along with Ludacris. When asked about his prior statement that pissed off many Black people, Tyrese then explained how his weave comment was a follow up to a “conversation” he’d “sat in on with a bunch of women just ripping men alive” and that he has dated women with “assistance” (Tyrese’s creative word for hair weaves) before and meant no harm by his statements. Check out what he said below:

“What I did was I talked about a conversation that I had sat in on with a bunch of women ripping men alive. And I walked away from the conversation saying that I want y’all to know that we, as men, notice more than you think we notice. It’s just not even remotely directed at Black women. There is NO way that I’m supposed to believe that a leg that skinny (he gestures with his hands a tiny leg) leads up to an a$$ that goes all the way up, LOL. (Tyrese is referring to women who have gotten their butts enlarged). […] Women we notice more than you think we do.”

See what else he said in the video clip below…and you can watch the full interview below.

#PressPlay: #Tyrese clarifies the recent comments he made about women via. @breakfastclubam

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So you see ILOSM fam,’ Tyrese says he didn’t mean to offend Black women with weaves, it was just a misunderstanding. Ya’ll forgive him or nah?

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