U Have To See The Drag Queen Paying Homage To Whitney Houston, Did He Do Her Justice?

Posted On : September 7, 2016

Everyone has probably heard of drag queens on broadway and celebrity impersonators doin’ their thing for monetary gain. But, there’s one die-hard Whitney Houston fan who insists his love for the stage and the late singer is much deeper than what meets the eye.

According to the Huffington Post, New York actor-singer Kevin Smith Kirkwood plans to bring Whitney back to life with his new live show, “Classic Whitney: Alive!

The Reincarnation of Whitney Houston

The show, which now plays at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in New York, features Kirkwood, a self-proclaimed reincarnation of Whitney Houston. Kirkwood’s set includes a number of Whitney’s classic hits, including the timeless ballad, “I Will Always Love You,” from The Bodyguard soundtrack.

Here’s a clip below:

But, Kirkwood’s reincarnation of Whitney doesn’t stop with the music. He also goes a step further with a script that centers around recreated excerpts from a few of Whitney’s memorable interviews and concert banters. The show also features Kirkwood’s co-stars who stand in as Cissy Houston and Bobby Brown.

Kevin Smith Kirkwood
Kevin Smith Kirkwood

Whitney Has Been An Inspiration Since He Was A Child

During an interview with HuffPost, Kirkwood explained why “Classic Whitney: Alive!” is billed as “he ultimate Whitney tribute from the ultimate Whitney fan.” He revealed Whitney has been an inspiration for him since he was a child.

“Being a trained actor, I wanted to really try to capture the essence of her stage persona and approach the show from an acting standpoint. My goal was to treat it as any other character I’ve played, and really play her for truth, specificity and not camp,” he said. “I obviously have an unending respect for her talent and legacy, and I wanted the show to reflect that.” Still, he added, “It’s a fun show because Whitney was fun onstage.”

“Ever since I was a skinny, little, black gay boy singing in church, dreaming of one day performing myself, I was infatuated with Whitney Houston,” Kevin Smith Kirkwood said.

Kirkwood acknowledged that performing as Houston on the rare night he has off from his stint in “Kinky Boots” can be a challenge, but ultimately, a fulfilling one. “As an artist, I feel that you’ll honestly make time for things you are passionate about, no matter what it takes,” he said. “And I’m definitely passionate about Whitney.”

As to what he’d say to the late icon if he had the chance to meet her, Kirkwood said, “Most importantly, I’d want to tell her thank you! Thank you for sharing your crazy ridiculous God-given talent with the world for so many years. It couldn’t have been easy … and thank you for inspiring me and giving me someone to look up to and love.”