U Will NOT Believe Which Legendary 70s Actor Is Endorsing Trump!

Posted On : July 29, 2016

After reading this article, a lot of 70’s movie lovers (regardless of your political party) will say to yourselves “Whaaat?!! I did NOT see say THAT one coming!” The legendary actor you’re about to see was a very prominent figure from the Black 70’s movie/TV era and in the past he’s spoken out about how African Americans were oftentimes exploited in the entertainment industry. So he’s not the most likely celeb that neither Democrats, nor Republicans would probably expect to back Donald Trump’s political ambitions…but hey, weirder things have happened… [SEE VIDEO BELOW]


fb williamson and trump This actor was also like a real-life superhero to inner city kids across the country during his NFL career...Check out his speech at a recent Donald Trump campaign rally>>>

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