U Won’t Believe What Dough Boy From Boyz N Da Hood Does For A Living Now!

Posted On : May 27, 2016

Well look at who we found! It’s “Doughboy” from “Boyz N Da Hood!” Remember him? If you’ve seen the movie, how could you forget him right? He was the lil’ dude who played the kid version of Ice Cube’s character. We were surprised to see him nowadays because it’s been YEARS since he’s been in the industry from what we’ve heard, so that’s probably why he’s rarely been spotted by anyone. He lives a lifestyle completely away from the spotlight now. Check this out family..


"DOUGH BOY" IS NOW CHEF DOUGH! Today at 37 years old, "Doughboy" has chosen a completely different path in life and we thought it was pretty interesting. "Doughboy" is now the executive chef at an Atlanta, Ga. Restaurant, where he's worked for years. He reportedly goes by the name of...wait for it...Chef Dough! He pretty much lives a low key lifestyle, but appears to enjoy his chef life now. Here are the photos we were able to dig up of Baha Jackson from a few years ago and if you look closely you can still see the younger "Doughboy's" face in his now. WAIT, THERE'S MORE>>>

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